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Kaffy Denies Alleged Maltreatment Of Other Dancers

Kaffy Denies Alleged Maltreatment Of Other Dancers



Award winning dancer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly called Kaffy has addressed the issue of maltreatment of dancers, which has been hunting her after her outburst over Pop singer, Davido’s attitude towards her dancers. Following Kaffy’s outburst, her colleagues alleged that she is a culprit for the same action she accuses Davido of, as she allegedly maltreats them. However, she addressed the issue in a statement below…

“I really want to use this medium to address the so called maltreatment allegations of dancers that has been in circulation!
“It is a pity that it is the same People u fight for with clients for countless hours at meetings . Dancers who mostly get jobs out of the relentless hours of conviction and negotiations not to talk of back and forth that goes on with various deals and clients in order to secure them jobs while they sit at home waiting for a call by we leaders in dance that they are insulting today , in this case am the king pin EVIL QUEEN.

You see it is easy for people to see u on top and wish for your position but they are never ready to take the pain and Sacrifice required to get there. A dancer that started today want to earn the same as people that are more experienced and skillful than him just because they stand side by side at rehearsals grounds.

“I am a victim of my Humanity and Humility . It is emotional attachment to want to help as many people as possible that has caused me bigger problems in my life but I can’t change what God is using me for just because of persecution.

“They say I pur 50 people in a room without pay . Pls what kind of room is it o and where . When u make allegations pls be ready to defend to the last with proof. Where did this occur?
Which job have u done that I have gotten paid for I repeat that u can prove I have gotten paid for and failed to pay you?

“You say I maltreat u when all you do is try to even sabotage jobs that you begged to be part of i made it happen then u stab me in d back.

“I don’t condone misconduct around clients because in business customers still have an edge and we have been faced with the most difficult clients and as dance leader are thrown into d storm of protecting our clients and dancers who are to render services at the same time. Do you know how difficult that can be sometimes. Sometimes budgets are reviewed and cut without warning even with the tightest contracts the corruption of our country still subjects us to succumb and try to resolve matter with humility even when d other party is wrong.

“Don’t u think am tires of looking bad to dancers because of what I face with defaulting clients ?” the statement said.



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