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Pastor Reveals Why He Was Struck In Ogun Shrine

Pastor Reveals Why He Was Struck In Ogun Shrine


wale fagbere


A few days back, it was reported that pastor, Evangelist Wale Fagbere got stucked in a shrine at Ketu community, Ayetoro, Yewa North, Ogun state while trying to destroy the diabolical means.


In a new twist, he revealed that he was not overpowered by the charms.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Abeokuta, Fagbere disclosed that he deliberately waited at the shrine for the traditionalists to see him.


The cleric was later arraigned by the police for the malicious damage.



The pastor revealed that the charms did not have any effect on him but was aimed at delivering the town from darkness.
He said,


“About what happened at Ayetoro, it was from God and direction from Holy Spirit for the deliverance of Ayetoro from darkness. God told me that I should go to the shrine to bring out those things for the liberation of Ayetoro. When I started what God told me, He told me to do three things in the shrine. That is, when I get there I should evacuate, I should step aside and watch the film. I should not say anything when people come out to see me. So, I did as instructed by God on that 20th of September. I got there around 5a.m. and after I took out those things, God told me to wait and stay and I did. God also told me to keep quiet. It was not their gods that held me; it was the idol worshippers that struck me with their charms.”



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