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Lil Wayne Bows Out From Music

Lil Wayne Bows Out From Music


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Lil Wayne bows out.

Today, the Young Money rapper made an unprecedented announcement about his career: he says he is done with music.

“I am now defenseless and mentally defeated and I leave gracefully and thankful,” he said, adding, “I luh my fanz but I’m dun.”

This comes just weeks after the Grammy Award winning rapper suffered multiple seizures. In June, Wayne was hospitalised  after suffering double seizures during a flight from Milwaukee to California. And a month later, in July, he was hit by another seizure, this time in Vegas, and had to be hospitalised again. But he would emerge later to say it was a ‘false alarm‘.

His health issues were linked to the dangerous drink sizzurp (a purple concoction made from codeine and other drinks) which he is addicted to. Over the years, he had health emergencies, sometimes while on stages.

Now, he says he is ‘mentally defeated’ and ‘defenseless’, an expression that has fans worried if the sudden retirement is linked to his battled with sizzurp.

However, he is being celebrated on social media. Check out some of the reactions from fans:

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