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Obinna And Suzy’s Most Amazing Nigeria Vs South Korean Wedding.

Obinna And Suzy’s Most Amazing Nigeria Vs South Korean Wedding.



Falling in love may not necessarily be an intention but it actually becomes an addiction irrespective of who is involved, color, culture or races. All that matters is that there are two people bounded by something stronger than the colour of their skin or culture or even the country they are from which is called LOVE.

Love is indescribable. It is a feeling that only the person involved can  judge what is going on in his system. It entails, putting your hands in  someone else’s  hands and giving it a chance to to show the brighter part with trust upheld.

International marriages opens you up to learning  about another  country’s culture, language and traditions, having adorable bilingual children who know both their father and mother’s languages, as well their traditions.

Though this type of marriages are very rare, but  often times people let their colour of skin, cultural background and even religion dictate who they love and eventually gets married to.

Most people follows their heart and allow love rule them. The South-korean Suzy Shin and Nigerian Prince Obinna Ogbuji, is a typical example of such. They defiled all odds to take their love a step further by getting married.

Obinna and Suzy started their love story in South Korea where they met and eventually said their marriage vows on the 13th of August 2016. Obinna and Suzy had said their wedding vows in two beautiful and lovely events, the traditional Korean wedding and a white church wedding. The couple went for the traditional Korean Hanbok.

For their traditional while, Suzy Shin went for a jeogori (short jacket with long sleeves) with two long ribbons and a Chima (a full-length, high-waisted, wrap-around skirt) with a boat-shaped shoes made of silk with white cotton socks and a knotted headgear called Norigae, while Obinna wore a gwanbok (a jacket and trousers and an overcoat) with a black headgear.

For their church wedding, Suzy was dressed in strapless Empire white wedding dress while Obinna was a dapper groom in black tux with white shirt.

Scroll down below to see moments from Obinna and Suzy’s Spectacular Nigerian-South Korea Wedding..



 Obinna and Suzy


Pre-wedding photos


Korean Traditional wedding


Korean wedding rites



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