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Nolly Throwback: 5 Things We Remember About “Festival Of Fire”

Nolly Throwback: 5 Things We Remember About “Festival Of Fire”


The 2002 epic movie, Festival of Fire, was a hit among home video watchers in Nigeria.

It was the era of epic films, sparked by the success of Igodo – going way back to the history of the Igbo communities before the coming of Christianity.

Most of us have forgotten about the film, but here are 5 things that can fire up our memory and make us want to relive that experience again.


1. Killing of Twins Was Real

Although it was more popular among the Ibibio/Efik, some Igbo pre-colonial communities also practiced the babaric act before the coming of Christianity, and this is the major plot of the film.

2. The Twist In The Plot

The shocking discovery by the Ezemuo (played by Saint Obi) that Sister Mary (Regina Askia) was his twin sister was a huge dramatic revelation which we enjoyed. It was basically the twist to the story that revealed killing of twins as something not divine but borne out of sheer human fear. Clearly Amadioha will not make a twin his Chief Priest if the god was against the birth of twins.


3. An Array Of Good Costumes

The costumes of the Rev. Sisters was not particularly well-made, but it did depict a time when there were very few skilled tailors in this part of the world. Add that to the lovely animal skins and body arts, then you have an assemblage of beautiful costumes and make-up which helped spice up the film.

4. We Need Original Soundtracks Back

Agreed that the quality of films these days are much better than what was produced in the early 2000s, yet films like Festival of Fire were proud owners of original soundtracks. Very few films have that today, which is why in spite of all the numerous film awards that have been established, there is still no category for original soundtrack. Simple! You can’t award what does not exist. I am still humming to the Ave Maria themed soundtarck of the film, and even the war song by Ikuku (played by Gentle Jack) and his warriors.

5. The Cast Was Amazing

Regina Askia, Saint Obi, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Gentle Jack among others – the cast of this film was superb by the standards of the early Nollywood days. Apparently we miss some of these actors especially Saint Obi who was always in his elements whenever he graced the screens.

Relive memory by watching the film below:



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