Home News Nigerian Comedian Schooling In The UK, Drops Suicide Note
Nigerian Comedian Schooling In The UK, Drops Suicide Note

Nigerian Comedian Schooling In The UK, Drops Suicide Note


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#Repost @twyse_116: “This is likely to be my last post. I’m sorry. Wanted to delete evrything but I got respect fr y’all. Full story on Twitter. I’m out?”

And on Twitter, he wrote: “I’m about to flood ur timeline guys, feel free to unfollow or block me if it gets disturbing?. I’m frustrated I can’t lie and yes I’m too emotional n I got issues I know. Didn’t realise how frustrating life cld be for a viner till I stated making videos on IG. I mean we love d craft but I think that’s just our escape from reality. .

Most of us are dying inside and feel the only way we can be happy is by making other people around us happy. I mean I’m really fucked up for real?. My family n relatives have bn a whole bunch of ducks up creations. I’m just wondering why God ever created them.

Thank God for my mother and bro – willteg. Man wld have committed suicide right before this day . I’m at the point whereby if I cld find a gun, I’ll just shoot my brains out and forget I ever existed. Life is really meaningless to me right now. I go to uni, work a minimum of 9 hours a day just to find money to pay my fees, my bills and rent but all to no avail. .

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Thank God he has been rescued by his best friend. Read his notes here:

Twyse is safe and alright now. Taking over his accounts and phones till further notice (Message from @willteg ) Got severals calls nd text from lots of people this morning, telling me @twyse_116 posted a strange post today around 12:00. Had to check if it was true. Called him on phone but he wasn’t picking up my calls was well.

Had no choice but to head over to is house on my way there got a call from Nigeria telling me one of my lil sis passed out lastnight had a shock while driving to the extent of having an accident with the car. People around the block assisted me in getting out of the vehicle, thank God I was alright.

I was bitter sad about the news of my lil sis but I was as well thinking of @twyse_116 not to do anything stupid ( I can’t afford to loose any other person close to me)…. The police had to escort me home. Twyse is fine and safe now. (pls full story will not be disclosed on Twitter or any sites ) just pray for us….. #GodsPlan is the #Best !! Message by @willteg ????

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