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LYRICS: Vector – Prey

LYRICS: Vector – Prey



[Verse 1]
Look, Darey made his let me make mine
I feel bored and at a new born state of mind
Watin I wan yarn wey dem never know
Sometimes I wanna say I’m leaving home
I’m leaving home
Then I think about the world
How the safe no even safe
Then I’m back to looking at my place
Asking questions and how we living
Everyday, ordinary eye na lie
Na to blaw and meditate
Sober the first drag tssss take that in
How the old men and women like to rape at things
How you wan keep gold teeth and your name is Kaseem
Try to give you bad name if you celebrate Kareem
Being H used to mean smoke
Now B H together means quote
From the group of bad people wey dey put dagger for the throat
Oluwa ko soro, I’m hoping everybody here hear me tho
Took away the girls a lot of them were missing
I hope they return them before they turn women
I made this song to justifying my thinking
So many other artist no dey reason
If the hash tag is fresh
You see men and women
Follow trend after trend that is the end
We all guilty

Badura fumi
Kori bami she’
(Instrumental plays)
Badura fumi
Kori bami she’
I’m already gone so close

[Verse 2]
Lafiaji album on the way now people holla at me
Goodluck to you f*ck boys you will not distract me
She’ na only me dey rap I pray for you brothers
Let the whole world know and stop being gay on the cover
Cuz it’s like you all want me
Vector here vector there
Short fools tryna breath vector air
I don’t give a damn if your hurting
Everybody feels pain
Get a balm for the bars in this lecture here
Everybody coming at me
Foolish rappers write this

Speaking about Aduke
Darey please tell Aduke that I don’t care
Enough to expose this cam oma dupe
Sodium K E D we fe nude’
N A K E D wa ma nude’
Go ahead, you getting at me for P R
Me getting at you for E R
You will need D R

To the highest move that is
I no dey even do like say na me sabi pass
Based on say I no dey play football
(Oda mi lo ju)
But one things for certain
If ya’ll tryna go to war I can take you war
(Aye mi shoro)
I already know that’s why I’m prepared
I got you d by my side I’m never scared
(I’m already gone so close)
That’s wassup
One, prey



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