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Linda Ikeji Apologize To Her TRUE Fans

Linda Ikeji Apologize To Her TRUE Fans


Linda Ikeji 23

Let me apologize to the true Linda Ikeji fans who may have been offended by my rant the other day! I reacted because I thought it was really a confirmation from Hermes.

But I later found out that Hermes would never confirm the authenticity of a bag over IG dm. If they’re wrong, the owner of the bag could sue so usually they ask you to bring the bag into one of their stores and if they find it to be a counterfeit, they could seize it. So that dm was a fluke. But anyway, enough about the bag.

It’s so petty! Can’t believe how much we argued over it and how crazy I went over it! ☺ But the whole drama has made me realise that the amount I spent on 2 bags could have changed a few lives if I’d invested it in them. But I’m bag obsessed, what can I say?

May God bless you so much that the least of your worries will be a bag! Anyway, I’ve decided to double the amount of money I’ll give out this year to aspiring female entrepreneurs. Been feeling a little guilty ? I want to redeem myself.

I’ve told my pple to find a venue asap and have y’all meet me soon. Success is sweet, I tell you! When you don’t have to depend on daddy, husband, bf, Aristo. ..for anything you want..nothing beats that! I want so many ladies to succeed so the next generation can have more women to look up to.

Plus, one of the must rules of getting blessings from God..is that you must spread it. You’re allowed to buy bags every now & then ? but you must help others.

That’s the only way He will continue to bless you! Anyway, having said all that..I’m going on a luxury trip to Dubai soon with family and friends and I’d like to a take a true fan along. It will be an all-expense paid trip with shopping money included ☺. Trying to figure out how to chose though. Any ideas? Oh and by the way, this is my fist selfie ??

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Dear linda, ur apologies to ur trues fans is worthy of commendation. But really u dnt owe anybody. When I first read the story I felt shocked and annoyed at how we nigerians can get soo nosey about ppls lives! As a matter of fact if u like d bag because of its color and design must it be HERMES!!! It can as well be Aba afterall we are all rooting for made in Nigeria goods soo whats d big deal? Babe please biko leave ur life ur way uve only got one oh. I dnt know wat u mean by “real fan” oh but there is no day I dnt open ur page to update on gossips #giggles. Remain blessed.


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