Home News “We Have Clues On Those Involved In Recent Bombings” – Army
“We Have Clues On Those Involved In Recent
Bombings” – Army

“We Have Clues On Those Involved In Recent Bombings” – Army



Major General Yusuf Abubakar made the statement on Sunday,
October 4, while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria in
Maiduguri. Reacting to the recent spate of suicide bombings by
suspected insurgents in some parts of the country, the Theater
Commander, Operation ‘Layiya Dole” pointed out that the bombings
were aimed at diverting the attention of the military from achieving
its target in the ongoing anti-terrorism war.

“I want to assure all that for every second that passes, we get more committed to fighting the insurgents; we cannot be deterred. We are doing as much as we could to ensure that we completely eradicate the insurgents as quickly as possible because we are aware of the timeline within which to complete the task”, he said.

He said the military had already gotten clues about those involved
in the recent suicide bombings in Maiduguri.

“We searched the houses and certain items that we recovered at the vicinity gave us some clues”, Abubakar said.

He said although investigations had commenced on the clues, it
would take time before reaching a conclusion.

“Investigation on those that we suspect that are either participating or hiding, fueling or conniving with those that carried out those acts, is ongoing. “They will be exposed in due course”, Abubakar assured.

He appealed to Nigerians to be security conscious to avoid future

“The citizens need to know that security is their personal responsibility as individuals. They must be able to secure themselves and doing so means they need to be security conscious. Any suspicious movement within the environment should be reported to security agents immediately”, he advised.

Abubakar said the military was working on a strategy that would
enable individuals pass vital information to security agents without
being noticed.



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