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TV Host IK Osakioduwa Tells His “Naked Story”

TV Host IK Osakioduwa Tells His “Naked Story”



In response to RnB singer, Darey Art Alade’s call for telling “Naked Story”, Big Brother Africa (BBA) anchorman, TV host, IK Osakioduwa has told a story that no one truly knows about him. He shared the ‘Naked Story’ of how life was while growing up, and how difficult it was for him to learn to read and write properly. However, thanks to his parents, who never gave up on him, and he made it through school and now has a career where he reads “from a TelePromTer on live TV in front of all Africa.” Continue reading, you’ll learn something good

“I remember tough times in school at a young age. Learning to read was a real problem for me. The words and letters used to dance around on the pages and it would takes hours for me to read just a few paragraphs. My sister who was 2 years younger than me would read through an Enid Blyton (Can’t remember if that’s the right spelling) book in minutes while it would take me days.

One day my teachers called my dad to school to say that I had been writing gibberish all term and they couldn’t make any sense of the notes I took down during dictation. They told my dad that they thought perhaps I should move a few classes down or maybe get ‘Special help’. My dad looked through the book and couldn’t make sense of my writing either.

But thank God for parents who believe in their kids. My dad called me forward and asked me to read the gibberish and to everyone’s surprise I did. It turns out I was writing right to left on the first line, and right to left on the next (i.e the 2nd line was a mirror image). The letters were back to front and sometimes upside down, but I could read them. The only problem was, I was the only one that could.

My mum and dad decided to take the matter up on their own and started me on Queen premier (a book for teaching young kids to read). They took me back to the basics of reading and writing. And they spent several hours a day teaching me patiently without making me feel inferior to my quicker siblings.

Though it was often tough I made it through school and turned out to have a career where I often have to read from a TelePrompTer on live TV in front of all of Africa. Bottom line, it may not show today but like many successful people in the world today, I too had a rough start. So the next time you admire someone’s achievements, Learn the story behind the glory. Let @dareydarey tell you his story,” he wrote.



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