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Special Love Quote For Quiet Admiration

Special Love Quote For Quiet Admiration


black-couple-on-a-beachMy soul forms the words,
My heart ensnares them,
Locking them in its warm chambers,
My mind knows these words,
And my fingers write these words,
Yet my lips,
The dastardly things
They find no valor,
And can not form the words.

How is it that I can feel these words,
With so much hope and admiration
Just for you,
Yet my lips can not speak them
To tell you
Of your shy smile
And your crystal eyes?
I am enamored by you,
By your words and your laughter.

You leave me breathless,
As the air leaps out of my mouth,
Twirling and bowing to your charms,
Enchanted by your congeniality.
Your face is imprinted in my mind
Never leaving,
Never fading.
Your smile warming my heart,
And your eyes entrancing my soul.

I wish I could form my feelings
Into articulate words
Of love and wonder
And tell you of my feelings,
Let you know of my aspiration
To be held securely in your arms,
Where I long to be,
Sitting serenely with you,
Basking in the sweet resonance of stillness.

But I know that wish is unattainable,
Far out of my reach,
Yet I admire you still,
Yearning that one day you’ll notice me
As more than just a girl
But as a young woman
Whose heart you’ve whisked away
Into the perpetual sky,
Floating along the clouds.

And everyday I linger
Hoping for some acknowledgment,
A fleeting look or a petite hello.
Perhaps to even hear you speak my name
Would bring warmth to my heart
And joy to my days
As I wait for you to discern
That I, quietly,
Admire you.

– Kate Dowd –

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