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Please Advice Me, Should I Tell Him Everything?

Please Advice Me, Should I Tell Him Everything?



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Dear NGTrends,

My name is Tracy  I am in my mid twenties. I am so excited about my relationship with Charles, my boyfriend. We met 5months ago and he is everything I want, he is so my kind of man and he loves me so much. He is godly, attentive, intelligent, handsome, kind, generous, he is just so perfect.  He made it clear that he had strong values to uphold and did not pressure me into having s*x with him. A first for me tho! 5month, no s*x, that is so so sweet. I am in a whirlwind romance, I am so into him.

But I have a problem, I am scared to tell him all about my past, I have made lots of mistakes in my past relationships and so far gone through number of abortions, the last one barely months before I met him. I am so scared, I don’t want to loose him, he means so much to me and I love him so much. Please advice me should I tell him everything or keep the big secret to myself.


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  1. Tracy, TRUTH hurts, but is best. You already know he’s strong on values. He has shown you that he loves you. Show him how much you love him by telling him every secret, and you’ll be better for it.

    What do you think will happen if you don’t tell him, and he finds out from outside?

    Be wise

  2. Bae, it’s well, u jst try tell him kk, e won’t b crossed wit u, kox u really lov him n datz y u wnt him t knw evrytin abt u. E myt as well tell u his. Buh mind u, while sayin it, pls b remorseful abt it n pray too b4 goin t mit him..tkia.

  3. My dear,your past is ur past,leave it dat way.tell it to God,ask him to forgive u and move on with ur life,telling him would ruin everything tin,i am talking out of experience,there’s no need telling him I swear but if u must tell him,tell him it’s just one abortion and it happened a long time ago#

  4. I will advice you don’t tell him if the abortion was perfectly done,but you have to be sincere with him and do away with other guys,then pray and ask God for forgiveness.

  5. Tracy its never a big deal, just tell him, let him know that he #changes u. For u not to tell him your concious will never rest let him know yo past n present n promise to continue with good life I believe he is an angel of change send to u.

  6. I would advise that you tell him everything about your past. if he Loves you like you said, he would stay. The earlier the better. If you don’t tell him now and he gets to know later, trust me, it would hurt more, and he might never get to trust you anymore.

    1) no secret is kept for ever, it’ll definitely surface in the future one way or another.
    2) it’s a small world, he might meet someone who knows about you.

    If he would breakup with you, it’s better now than later.
    Good luck dear.

  7. I as a person will advice u tell him ones nd for all,let by gone’s b by gone I believe he wuld luv u more bt mind u stay away nd muv on wit ur life in d right way.

  8. Dear Tracy; d truth hurts alot but I would advice u 2 tell him, so dat eventually if he finds out from outside he wouldn’t b as if u are keeping secret from him

  9. A friend of mine always tell me, don’t marry ur lover but your friend, marry someone u can be able to talk to, someone u are not afraid to tell anything dat way u will buld a relationship full of trust, if u really love him you will tell him d truth about u, don’t pretend to be d perfect woman for d perfect man, trust him with d secret of your life nd if he truly loves u? He will accept u for who u are nd trust me my dear, he will love nd trust u d more if he knows u don’t keep things from him, nd will also discuss his problems with u, dat way no one can ever come between u


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