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Please Advice Me, Should I Just Get The Divorce Or Keep Living In Agony?

Please Advice Me, Should I Just Get The Divorce Or Keep Living In Agony?



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Good evening NGTrends, my name is Roselyn, I am married with 3kids I  relocated to Nigeria because of my husband Gabriel. He use to be a very sweet man to me but now I seem not to understand his ways, he keeps late night he doesn’t even care about his daughters.

I gave up my life my dreams  because of him,because I love him. I didn’t intend leaving my dreams and job because of a man its simply because of the love I have for him. This is our fifth year of marriage and he is not the man I use to know, he doesn’t care for us any more all I see in his wallet/pocket  are condoms,hotel keys and all sort of ridiculous awful things that should not be seen with a responsible married. He is always having one business meeting or the other, all he does is just drop money he doesn’t attend to my personal needs, he doesn’t give attention to his children, its over 3month we made out.

Different girls call him even at the odd hour of the night. I  love my husband and I don’t want to cheat on him, I am scared for my kids I don’t know if they could cope with the fact that they wont see their father again. Please advice me should I  just get a divorce or keep living in agony.

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  1. Please he doesnt deserve you. Its very clear he doesn’t need you in his life. Im not advising you to kill and end you marriage. All im saying is you have an option out der…. we always do. Decide for yourself. You alone knows d place that is leaking in your house. I advice you to stand up as a woman and do whats best for you. …happiness

  2. I think what u need is prayer. Cuz children won’t b happy if u leave. N besides, u can’t predict what will happen where u r going. Nothing is beyond prayer. He wasn’t like that b4 so smtn changed him. Try n c if itz smtn u did. If itz not about u, turn 2 God

  3. The truth is most nigerian men cheat on their wives. What you will do is first pray and call him for a heart to heart. Tell him the hurt he is causing your family and ask him if he wants unto leave the marriage by the pattern of his behaviour. Tell him true happiness does not come from what he is doing cos he can only have happiness and true support from his immediate family. If you leave , u will encounter more of these men outside, some of them will be married men. A lot of those women out there are praying you leave so they come in and cope with what you can’t cope with. If he continues unrepentantly u have to do a trial seperation. Good luck.

  4. Hello dear, I can imagine what you are going through right now. Its really saddening. But sweetheart, be true to yourself and answer this question sincerely, do you really think divorcing him will make you happy? From my persective, I don’t think so. Forget the comments you read from people about divorce. Its more painful than death. What I will advice is get back to your source. That is God. You can never find fulfilment building your life around men cos the best of men is men at their best. Find peace with God again, it would sort you, settle you and establish you. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is impossible with God, he can and restore you marriage again, but you need to allow him do that. Remember, 2 wrongs can’t make a right. Give your life to Christ if you haven’t or do a rededication if that what’s needed, then subscribe to God’s wisdom of marriage. This will heal you, and then change you. Only changed people can effect any positive change. I pray God’s peace will attend to you in Jesus name. Amen!

  5. @odunola u av said it all,my dear wats is wrong wit ur knees n voice? Wat r u waiting for plssss run along our Father who is d source of marriage tell hm ur problems n go to sleep u will see a miraculious change n ur home my dear divorce is not a solution to ur issues call on God n he will sure ans u!Thnk u

  6. My dear wat u need is prayer go on ur knee and talk to God about it, he will surely answer u. Don mind those Foolish girls out dere dat want to broke people’s home. It’s well dear, pls hold on to ur marriage

  7. What I will tell you is that you should just pray to Jehovah to intervain and don’t try to do anything that Jehovah will not happy with you

  8. Are you sure it’s not your actions that push him away? Things were going on smoothly until recently. That’s means something is wrong recently. Try finding that shit and fix it.
    Most importantly, better girls are out there to do that which you can’t do…divorce is not a bad idea, though.


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