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Please Advice Me, How Do I Tell My Younger Sister The Shameful Thing I Did

Please Advice Me, How Do I Tell My Younger Sister The Shameful Thing I Did


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Hello NGTrends,

I traveled to Lagos to buy clothes for my shop about two months ago and had to spend a few days in my sister’s place. I called her but her number wasn’t going through so when I got to Lagos I contacted her husband who told me that she went to Ogun State on official assignment. He agreed that I should come over and do my transaction from their house.

It was raining when I got there so I got soaked. They live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I had to go inside the room to change. I was really cold and was already wishing I had a man I could visit in Lagos when the unexpected happened. Due to the rain, my sister’s husband came in through a back door from the kitchen straight into the bedroom and I was completely n*ked. I couldn’t even bend down to pick my clothes. I was just standing there motionless until he grabbed me and, yes, we did it.

We didn’t feel any guilt, just laughed about it and I prepared food. We both ate, slept together and had s*x all night with each other. The sequence continued for the three days I spent in Lagos but after the first time we agreed he shouldn’t release his sp*rm inside me.

I am now back to Enugu where I do my business, but unfortunately I am six weeks pregnant. No man friend, no boyfriend, no s*x mate. So who will I give this pregnancy to? My sister’s marriage is less than a year and I just cannot mention this to her husband. The options I have thought of is either to kill myself or have an abortion. Is there any other way out of this mess I have gotten myself into? Please I need HELP, and I need it fast! Please Advice me.

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  1. Please kill yourself that is the suitable option . Since you are so dumb not to respect your sister enough by sleeping with her husband .. Scums like you are the cause of the problems we face in this society ..you still have the guts to seek for advice after you committed the sacrilegious ..

  2. My dear u don’t need to kill yourself, you did it out of circumstances but believe me u are very very wrong, Dat was been heartless but anyways just try and go for an abortion Dat will be better…. U can tell ur sisters husband and u guys can just do it without her knowing…… But if a truth you are wrong very!

  3. U’re an idiot,d biggest fool i’ve ever seen.ur younger sister for that matter. U did it over n over again no remorse now u’re luking for advice. Y nt go n hang urself fool.

  4. Pay no attention to these niggas. What you did was wrong but you don’t need to kill yourself cuz that’s making da ish worsen. Try talk things over with the husband and if possible (note this), talk to a close confidant who has ties with u & ur sister. Be good and take care

  5. You are heartless.its people like you that make the women world cheap.slot.if you can sleep with your in law then you are a shameless prostitude.ask God to forgive you first.but know that someone will also do that to you.

  6. Go and kill urself, idiot u are not ashamed of urself sleeping with ur sister husband. You are a disgrace to womanhood.What goes around come around you will suffer for your stupid act.

  7. Mumu gal,pls advice me,may thunder strike dat ur mouth.shameless human being,u 4 sleep with ur father,ur father dere!!go Nd kill urself fool

  8. This is one of the reason why people don’t post issues like this on sites for advice’s because we all act like holier than thou.
    The lady did a very bad thing but we can make comments without the ones I have read earlier.. I think we can do better than that…

    Now to the issue at hand. Not to complicate the already complicated issue, I will advice you to have an abortion.

  9. All d holier than im sure u all have committed things that are far worse, but you choose not to see from your scum shit u have even done to your creator. Lady u did it n u enjoy it. Keep d baby because to me abortion is an offense to ur creator train the child and make him/her the correction to your mistake but say it to no one.

  10. The deed has been done already. I’m sure you have an option right there in your mind, pls follow it.

    And hold on. . . . Everybody is blaming the lady. What about the man who slept with his wife’s sister?

  11. There is no way out bitch,u should have tot of DAT before opening ur legs for ur inlaw,ur a disgrace to womanhood

  12. keep the baby dear. Collect finances from your sister’s boyfriend for upbringing plus find someone who would care for u hunny. U’ll be ok
    We all have our inner demons.

  13. You are such a stupid n foolish slut. u cld descend so low to sleep with ur sister’s husband and not just once. The horseband actually knows u r cheap n shameless that is why he tried it and can never respect you no matter what you become. You are capable of killing your sister if, given the room and he sure knows it. Karma will visit you in no time. Remember also that that is one of the reasons you are not married. shameless dog. I berra go and staff a madman instead of my in-law.

  14. Follow your heart but don’t kill yourself and don’t take your sister’s husband. Send me a mail for further info

  15. Ifeel we are missing d point it’s not about whatt she did it about what she should do now, only your sister has the right to judge u because she was the one wronged I feel u should get and abortion which is d right thing and ask for forgiveness from ur sis and Nvr visit again cause u obviously can’t control ur urges be wise as a nurse I knw one tin u knew he came inside u even if u said u didn’t or u truly didn’t want. Dis out come. U wud have taking emergency contraceptive so yes u did want it now we are saying it’s wrong so pls get ride of it and dnt break her home

  16. Haha! People, stop judging her na, For you, you do not need to kill yourself, why would you think of that in the first place? It’s glaring you can’t control urself, if it only happened once, we can say it’s out of circumstances, but u do it over and over again, haba! You too enjoy am and I know you ll still want him more, Go far away from your sisters husband, never see him again, hence u will still want to have him. Ask for forgiveness, give birth to the innocent baby, if u want him take care of him, if not give him up for adoption, but don’t mention it to your inlaw and your sister, carry your cross, don’t break their home. It’s the cost u have to pay. I can advice for abortion, u will be multiplying your wrongs. For the man, he is just being a man, but he’s being stupid though!!! You should have resisted and let him know u can’t do it, I’m sure he would have filled sorry for trying and let you be. God will Lead you right sha.

  17. My advice 4rm ME to YOU is that you don’t kill yourself as well as don’t kill the baby you are caring….the did has already been done,,,just know that your sister’s husband needs to know about the mess,,,,you two should come together and think of what to do with the issue at hand(but bear in mind that killing the unborn child(abortion) should not be an option) if ur sister’s husband insist on aborting the baby, run as far as you can and suffer your evil deeds(it shall surely pay you later) carry and give birth to the baby because if you make abortion your choice,know that you have doubled your sin(sin of going to bed with your sister’s husband + sin of abortion) and you will heavily suffer for it..

    I know you now know what is right to do, just do it and be safe.


  18. My dear I have no right to judge over wt u did,but I also blame the man that couldn’t control himself…anyways am against aborting the babe,i will advice u bcome a single mother as far as u have something doing,but the baby will always remember the past 4 u…Plssss don’t try telling ur sister,it could ruin the marriage…but all dsame ask God 4 4givness

  19. In 2face #voice no body holy pass look into her eye and tell her you holy pass…. Naija ppl una too dey criticism…. No be advice she seek why d insult. N m so damn sure yours is way more worse than what she did…. Woman you already made a stupid mistake, no prob you jez gotta get rid of d baby, pray for forgiveness n seek you kissed sisters forgiveness ass well. And don’t you dare try such again. Peace be onto the

  20. My daughter keep your baby and stay alive, i knew why i made it like that, dont question me, just ask for forgiveness from your sister and your family in this i will be glad…. I am that i am… i have spoken

  21. Jesus dis is bad babe,but I believe no one is above mistake just ask God for forgiveness and keep d baby because u don’t really know what d future will tell of u.

  22. Lady you have no right to take anyone’s life. You may have been wrong from the onset, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Train your child let he/she grow in the fear of the Lord not minding the circumstance and tell no one. If assistance needed you can reach me.

  23. Dis is not fair now why will u be Abuse her because of what she did, some of d people making comment there own life worst pass this and na them they abuse pass no body above mistake. May dear try and pray for forgiveness and ask God to put true and he will surely do that.

  24. I pray for all of you abusing the lady, may God forgive you all. What was Jesus response to the adulterous woman in the bible please read John chapter 8 verses 1-11. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. As for you my sister God loves you don’t kill yourself nor go for abortion. There is also a second chance come to God for salvation and all what you think are difficults in your life will be solved by the Almighty God. Please you can get in touch with me for further details.

  25. i read this story long time ago. I think for anyone in a situation like this, should seek the forgiveness from God and never abort. For those that are abusing her pls ask for forgiveness too, bcos you have ur errors too.

  26. Don’t kill yourself and abort the baby. I wish we can hook up, there are better ways to handle the matter and you will be happy @ the end. 07064409851 contact me

  27. Well u didn’t advice urself in d first place to have even gone to sleep in ur sis haus, in a room, without her being around, naked again when u knw d husby was around, u cudnt resist bcus u already wished for that so I blame u for all. To clear ur conscience which is not an easy task is for u to go and tell ur sis directly and pls abortion is an abomination b4 our creator.

  28. You must realize the fact that you have been so so wrong in your actions; if you had resisted your in-law, he would have left you alone and become remorseful. Unless he is a devil or is having issues with his wife and even then if he decides to cheat, it shouldn’t be with you. If he had raped you, it would have been different. Now after what happened the first night, you should have looked for an alternative arrangement, it’s not possible that you don’t have friends at all in that place besides, if you say you trade, it’s not possible that you couldn’t have been able to afford a cheap guest house at least if you didn’t have a sister in that town, you would still make arrangements and carry on with your shopping. I am not condemning you, you need to sincerely repent and ask Jesus to forgive you and make you new. Keep the child cod abortion is murder, you could even die in the process and go to hell or loose your womb. Turn to God and He will help you out. You have a business and can cater for yourself and the baby. If you are truly repented and transformed, God will give you a good man in spite of your already having a child. Shalom!


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