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Please Advice Me He Wants To Shatter My World

Please Advice Me He Wants To Shatter My World


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Hi NGTrends Readers,

I need help please? A guy I dated for close to 3 years is about to shatter my world. This is someone that has introduced me to his mum , he has met my family members, friends and etc. all of a sudden he just changed. he says he love me and I still love him too. what caused his new attitude is what I don’t know, he changed few months ago and no sign of him changing back to the person he used to be.

I am confused right now because I have made him meet all the important persons in my life, I have chased other guys away because of him, now he doesn’t call me, doesn’t like to see me, abuses me at will, call me names…God! In fact he says I irritate him. The question is what will I tell my family members?
I made them accept and love him, in fact everyone think we are getting married soon. Please help me? This shame is just too much for me. I do not concentrate on my job anymore, i cry everyday, keep to myself and brood all day. I never cheated on my boyfriend, I placed all my eggs in one basket and now it has back fired. please help me! Please I really don’t know what to do I am so in love with him. I have called to ask if I have offended him, he said no. My world is crumbling . I need your advice.

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. u jst av to let him go since he no longer wnts u dnt force urself on him its better u are not married yet a broken relationship is beta Dan a broken marriage

  2. Sweety av been in ur exact same shoes bfr… the guy chaniging part and calln u names and all that… ryt nw my advice is for u to count ur teeth with ur tongue. Stop holding to him bcus u av introduced him to ur whole family and frnds.. You can start all over again only if u allow urslf…. Be a strong girl,dnt allow one man make u miserable abeg… Do u wnt him to keep insulting u and treating u like a door mat? be wise girlie and gv urslf worth by letting him be and dnt call him….or go see him.. he wld only insult u again

  3. My dear take heart, move on with ur life. It is not good to lay all ur egg in one basket. It my rev father dat told me dis same dat u don’t ve depend on one man .d same thing happened to me but what will I ve move on my life. As u can see am still alive so just 4get about him nd move on nd pray for God’s strength to move on.

  4. Prayer is the key, he has probably met someone, don’t worry just stop calling him and start praying, he will come back to his senses once he realises you are the love of his life.

  5. I will advise you to hold back,some years back I met myself in this kind of situation, it doesn’t matter that u ve introduce him to ur family member dear, it is nt how far but how well.my dear Sis, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. And as for putting all ur eggs in one basket it is not too bad don’t blame urself God has a way of compensating us for good deeds be focus let him go for other better guys don’t call him again.babe u re priceless and d man that know ur worth is on d way. One love

  6. Whats wrong wt us? Why do we always make negative and abuse people who seeks for our help? Where is our conscience n humanity? Pls if u don’t have any meaningful thing to say why don’t u just shut ur mouth n keep your rudeness n un civility to urself instead if showing it to the whole world to see? Gosh, we Nigerians still got a very long way to go in terms of being civilised n helping each other. Lady, my advice, let him be, for crying out loud, do not let ur world be crumbled cos of someone day doesn’t deserve u, be strong n start all over again.

  7. A broken relationship is better dan a broken marriag.Move on babe,Life goes on,a better man is on d way.dat means he’s nt ur hubby frm God

  8. My dear sis,is very painful I know but, wat will u do? U can’t kill urself bcos of someone dat does not deserve u,pls move on dear,a better man is very close to meet u dear…..ur soulmate

  9. pls move on and pls don’t kill ur self becos of a guy at all. am a guy self so I am telling u did. just get off dat ur neck.that’s my advice for u. did is my no 08092297083 in case u need to me on any issue.bye


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