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#NigeriaAt55: Rapper, M.I Abaga Passes Verdict On Buhari & Ambode’s Government l Read

#NigeriaAt55: Rapper, M.I Abaga Passes Verdict On Buhari & Ambode’s Government l Read



Rapper, M.I Abaga, has shared his candid opinion on the the nation’s Independence Day celebration.

Chocolate City CEO and rapper, M.I Abaga, in an exclusive interview with Naij.com, has given his candid opinion on the the nation’s 55th Independence Day celebration. It can be recalled that before now, a faction of Nigeria had complained about the pace of the Buhari-led administration as well as Governor Ambode’s policies in Lagos state.

Below are the rapper’s verdict on the governance of the president and the governor.

On Nigerians criticising Buhari for his slow pace in governance:

As for Nigeria, there is one criticism again Buhari being too slow in making decision, I think what will judge him now is time, how long he is taking is how well he does and I think if what he is saying about being deliberate is true then we can give him the benefit of doubt.

On Governor Ambode’s governance of Lagos State so far:

I think that trickled down to the state level, because the federal government has been a little bit slow in setting up the government to move forward. Of course you know that I am an Ambode person. I am his person not because I was paid because I realise his capability as a person, the capability of the party he is coming from and what they have done in Lagos.

Just few days ago he released a statement explaining that he is setting up his government and is ready to move and how they are going to continue a lot of things Fashola has done. I think that is what we voted for.

Somebody that understands the contemporary Lagos, part of the transformation a great team player and good at the job.

Over the time he is been governor, International community, Presidents and ambassadors have met with him setting up plans to move the state forward and that is very important for him to do.

On how things work in a contemporary new office using his experience as a case study:

Even me as a CEO of Chocolate City, when you get to a new office you don’t act immediately, you sit down meet with your staff, hire few people, draft out plans. But if this is taking longer than we wanted it to take by both governments, I think the wait is worthwhile and I am absolutely confident in Governor Ambode’s government. Knowing him personally and what he is capable of doing.

On his most memorable Independence Day ever as an artiste and as an individual:

Personally, maybe when I was a child when we don’t go to school we sit at home and have fun, no matter what we do on Independence Day whether performing, traveling or going to the orphanage I feel the important thing about the day is that you can be yourself free free to do anything that suits so every independent day is memorable for me.



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