Home Entertainment ‘I’m Unwelcome As A Designer Because I Am Black’ – Kanye West
‘I’m Unwelcome As A Designer Because I Am Black’ – Kanye West

‘I’m Unwelcome As A Designer Because I Am Black’ – Kanye West


Rapper Kanye West believes he is being treated in an unwelcome manner in the fashion industry mainly because he is black.

In an interview with ‘SHOWstudio In Camera‘ on Tuesday, October 6, Kanye admitted he’s prone to challenges in the fashion world but will never back down because that world is full of racism.

“I loved clothes before I knew f— about the fashion world,” West told journalist Lou Stoppard during the intimate discussion, which found him answering questions from fans, his peers and family members.

Regarding the critics her received for his receltly released Yeezy Season II clothing line, West said, “They saw the 350 [sneakers] and acted like they didn’t like them because they’re racist,” he insisted.

“We sell shoes that people want to line up for because we put love in them. We put heart in them, we want to make Christmas presents. We make something people want so bad it hurts them if they can’t have it. It isn’t just a financial opportunity — of course you need finances — but it’s a form of discrimination and racism especially with blacks in fashion.”

Kanye West debuts Yeezy Season II at New York Fashion Week

The “Black Skinhead” rapper said “it took me being Kanye West to get this far in fashion. I had to become a millionaire and invest in myself — because no one else would have”

West mentioned racism and classism as setbacks in his own journey toward the runway at several times throughout the conversation, adding, “if you could put racism inside the battery of your phone it would never stop working.” before adding that, “I refuse to back to back down.  You have to know you are somebody… you have to know that it’s possible. You have to see me keep winning against all odds, I’m gonna win until I die. I won’t lose, I can’t lose.”



  1. He isn’t unwelcome because he is black, he is unwelcome because he clothing line is nothing to write home about, they like the clothes used in the seasonal movie ‘ walking dead’. For me, even if dey are for free I can’t wear them.because dey look like rags! My simple candid opinion.


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