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How To Stop Facebook Videos From Auto-Playing On iPhone

How To Stop Facebook Videos From Auto-Playing On iPhone


I already talked about people’s plight regarding the way Facebook now show videos to users desktop and mobile devices in this article. Therefore, I won’t be going over those things again. You can click on that link to read about that and now to stop videos from playing automatically on your timeline when logged in on PC.

This short guide will show you how to do the same on your iPhone. I have not tried it but I guess this should work pretty fine for iPad too. In the mean time, here is how to do it on your iPhone.

Steps For Stopping Facebook Videos From Playing Automatically On iPhone

Open the Facebook Application on your iPhone

  • Click on the “More” icon at the right bottom corner of the screen
  • Scroll down to Settings and click on it
  • A pop-up should show, click on Account Settings
  • On the next page that loads, go to Videos and Photos and open it

facebook videos and photos

  • In front of Autoplay, tap the “On Mobile Data + Wi-Fi” text
  • On the next screen, choose “Never Autoplay Videos” from the three options.

never autoplay videos facebook

The other options you can choose for when Facebook videos should autoplay are:

  • On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections
  • On Wi-Fi Connections Only

You don’t want to choose that because they play videos automatically. Even Facebook recognizes this fact and stated it there clearly.

In their words;

Autoplay videos begin automatically as you scroll.

Videos use more data than other stories on Facebook, so choose when your videos autoplay here.

You should know that this feature not only saves your data, but also conserve your battery.




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