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How To Know A Girl Is Still A V*rgin

How To Know A Girl Is Still A V*rgin



As it has been popularly demanded by NGTrends readers that I should write about signs ladies show when they are still a virgin, sequel to the topic ”Signs That Ladies Show when They Are Not More A V*rgin”. Here we are to discuss about the signs you will see or note if she is still a virgin. Enjoy

Although it sounds easy, spotting virgins can sometimes be quite difficult. With girls, unless directly inspected, it is almost impossible to tell. Behaviorally, non-virgin and virgin girls aren’t all that different. While girls that are flirtatious or act sl*tty are certainly not virgins; shy and quiet girls are often not virgins either (especially if they are attractive). With guys, while there is no physical indicator of s*xual intercourse, there are several behavioral clues which should tip you off.




1. Anatomically
The best way to check if a girl is still a virgin is to inspect her hymen. Unfortunately, many girls will become offended if you attempt to do this. This is especially true if you attempt it in public. Even if you are able to inspect the hymen, it is not a foolproof method of assuring virginity. Occasionally the hymen can break prior to sexual intercourse due to activities such as horseback riding or the use of s*x toys such as dildos. Chances are though, if a girl is using s*x toys on herself, she is probably having s*x anyways. Also, some girls who have started having s*x still have an intact hymen. This is due to having s*x with guys with very small c*ck. Hymen is a layer of skin around the opening of the v*gina. It doesn’t usually cover up the entrance completely. And you don’t have to ‘break through’ it the first time you have s*x, just gently push through so the opening in the thin skin stretches wide enough. It can also be stretched or torn by playing sports or using tampons. But then a lack of hymen is not really a sign of sexual experience. Despite exceptions, the intact hymen is a fairly reliable method of determining female virginity.

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  1. So technically the girl in this picture above is not a virgin (from the characteristics you listed) … just saying tho

  2. you re very wrong.. ppl tend to stay virgins for different reasons.
    and u can never judge a book by its cover.
    a lot of virgins are not virgins because they’re ugly.. ppl have thier reasons.
    and being hot and sexy doesn’t depict non-virgins

  3. 90 % of this is false
    People don’t wear makeup because they are not virgins
    And the reason why people stay Virgins mentioned above is really wrong unless you’re writing personally about someone you know because you can’t judge others with that crap. People have their reasons
    Being hot is a gift not an identification mark for not being a virgin…it doesn’t show on the face if someone is a virgin or not you should also know that people are sexually harassed too.

  4. Pure rubbish,funny words,a girl that put made-up and hot is not a Virgin,(you are very very wrong for such statement)There is a little girl around my place,she do made-up and use expensive weavon and very pretty which she still a virgin,what about that?so your suggestion is error!!! More research to your work…

  5. Virgin no dey show 4 face or character, d only way 2 knw is if u browse dere. who nor go, nor go knw o. Talking 4rm xperience guys, i almost bet ma lyf 4 ma babe dat she is a virgin. I evn promised her nt 2 go dere at al, nd she agreed. nt until our desires pushed us 2 d wall, nd we broke our vows. Na dere ma eyes 4 neat o. d bottom line 4get abt huntin 4 virgins, free ur mind nd enjoy ur relationship…


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