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Dare Art Alade Visits Former Home, Alma Mater | PHOTOS

Dare Art Alade Visits Former Home, Alma Mater | PHOTOS



RnB singer, Dare Art Alade called back old memories today as he visited where his former house was located at Palmgrove Estate, Lagos State and his Alma Mater, C.M.S Grammar School. Continue to read his experience…

“We used to live in PalmGrove Estate off Ikorodu Road, Lagos…first of all, the place has totally changed! Street numbers back then were in double digits (ours was 37) but was hard to find now as its single numbers (new one seems to be no 7), the fences were see through with plenty of palms and greenery. Na so so fence and barbed wire I see for there now lol! Of course the street looks smaller now that I’m bigger…but that one is normal . Anyhoo, I made my way there and the first drama was with one of the SSS and Mopol at the main gate (Maiguards more like it ��) who asked where I was going.


At that point I didn’t remember our house number  so I just said “I just wan go Marconi Road make I see something” so he said “Oga we no dey allow that one here o” . Started preparing to leave but luckily some of his colleagues (especially the Kogi one who I spoke small Okun language with) recognized me �� na so I enter the estate o!

My memories are so many! @enitan_dmakeuproom was my neighbor then. Everyone around was like family! But some of the fondest (shouldn’t be using this word really lol) was when my brothers lit “Banga” and placed them under an old paint bucket and asked me to sit down on it (I was naive I know) but had to do as I was told lol…. Or was it when my elder sister refused to give me her Fanta, finished it and when I wasn’t looking, peed inside and gave me to drink, ”

Ewwww…almost drank it of course as I started crying when they tried to pull it out of my vice grip as I “knew” it was Fanta  smh Dareyyyyy!!!!! Loved every bit of growing up there honestly…no more Fanta for me sha lmao! Shallat to Emmanuel and his family who live there now and welcomed me!!! 

On His Alma Mater, he wrote: 


“Lives are in the making here, hearts are in he waking here, mighty undertaking here, up and on!” These words couldn’t ring any truer for those who know what I’m talking about! Founded in 1859 (the oldest secondary school in West Africa), my alma mater, the great C.M.S Grammar School has groomed and churned out so many great Nigerians from its first principal Babington Macaulay (Herbert Macaulay’s father) to alumni such as legendary professor of music (and my uncle) Akin Euba, Accountant par excellence Akintola Williams, Babs Fafunwa, Emeka Ojukwu, Ernest Shonekan, TOS Benson, Fela Sowande, Henry Adefope, Art Alade, Niyi Adebayo, Ola Vincent (CBN Governor), Folarin Coker, 9ice to mention a few…and of course my humble self . 

Our school song inspired us to become global thinkers even in the harshest of conditions. #WayBackWhen the missionaries really injected quality and quantitative education in Nigeria…and the bond of brotherhood! These formed our solid foundation as grammarians and ability to forge ahead in life! Up school!!! Full video is out on my Facebook page,” he said



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