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Boko Haram And Jonathan, The Truth Unfolds

Boko Haram And Jonathan, The Truth Unfolds


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We are suddenly back to those dark days when Boko Haram terrorists strike with ease and attack military formations. That was precisely what these blood-thirsty bastards did on Tuesday when they attempted to dislodge the 120 Task Force Battalion located in Goniri, Yobe State.

Our gallant soldiers repelled the attack, killing over 100 of these terrorists. On the same day, there were multiple bomb attacks in Damaturu and two mosques in Maiduguri; 38 innocent Nigerians were killed in these attacks.

Earlier on October 2, the terrorists attacked Abuja, leaving 20 people dead and scores injured. October is just 10 days old and 83 innocent lives have been lost to Boko Haram.

In summary, about 1300 Nigerians have been killed, precisely 133 days after Jonathan was kicked out of office. We have never had it so bad.

The story back then was that Jonathan’s ineptitude was responsible for frequent Boko Haram attacks.

Some said the North did not want Jonathan as president, and that was why Boko Haram’s atrocities persisted.

For this cruel school of thought, Jonathan was the problem and must be removed. At a point, some people even said it openly that Jonathan was the one funding Boko Haram to destabilse the North and prolong his tenure.

Haba, what would he have gained with the destabilisation of a part of the country of which he was president? Even when Jonathan tried to procure equipment for the military in South Africa and it went awry, opposition politicians celebrated this.

Some even said the equipment Jonathan went for was meant to arm Boko Haram. I never knew some people could be this wicked.

Way back, when terrorists attack our soldiers and seize territories, the then opposition politicians mocked our gallant soldiers and made a show of it.

Every Boko Haram attack was used by the opposition as an opportunity to mock Jonathan and cast aspersions on our gallant soldiers.

It was used to instigate the people against the Jonathan administration. Many believed them. Now, the truth unfolds.

The then opposition party refused to join the war against these terrorists. The APC never offered any positive advice. Even Muhammadu Buhari, then opposition presidential candidate, refused to attend Council of State meetings to offer advice on how to tackle the menace.

At a point, he was stoking the insurgency. He and the opposition party played politics with the Boko Haram crisis. They saw it as a unique selling point to compel Nigerians to vote for them. Buhari even promised Nigerians that Boko Haram would become history within two months of assuming office.

The blackmail worked. INEC subsequently told us that Nigerians had voted out Jonathan. Did a majority of Nigerians vote against Jonathan? That is a story for another day.

For now, the truth about the Boko Haram nuisance is unfolding.

The monster encouraged by Buhari and the then opposition APC has grown so big. The attacks have become ferocious. Recovered territories are being taken again by these bastards. Now, we all know that Boko Haram’s menace is not about Jonathan and ineptitude in handling the situation.

We all now know that Boko Haram persisted not because the North hates Jonathan as many wicked politicians made many to believe. We all now know that it was not a deliberate attempt by Jonathan to set back the North and prolong his tenure.

The Boko Haram menace is a national problem. I had said this times without number. Patriots must join hands with whoever is in government to tackle this menace; otherwise, it will consume all of us. I am repeating the same thing today.

Every Nigerian must work with this administration and the military to make Boko Haram history, regardless of the inglorious role played by Buhari and the APC in the growth of this monster called Boko Haram. God bless Nigeria as we tackle these terrorists.

Source: ThisDays

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