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SEE Photos of Genevieve’s $4 Million House In Ghana

SEE Photos of Genevieve’s $4 Million House In Ghana



Genevieve Nnaji acquired a whooping $4 Million house in Ghana. For those who missed, read the gist below.

It seems the big bucks are still rolling in for the Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji as she just allegedly purchased a $4 Million House In Achimota area of Nigeria’s neighboring country, Ghana.

According to City People magazine on February 23, 2015,  the 35 year old actress who was referred as the ‘Julia Roberts’ of Nigeria by American media mogul Oprah Winfrey, is the new owner of a mansion in Accra, Ghana which cost $4M.

The actress and single mother can very well afford the property as she is the brand ambassador for top brands Range Rover, Etisalat and Amstel Malta. The private property of Genevieve who also has a clothing line, is reproted to be guarded by a security company.

She is definitely not a new face in Ghana as she stayed there a while back for about a year after she and some of her colleagues where banned from acting. Her first music video was even released in Ghana at that time.

Check out the house’s pictures after the cut…

Genevieve nnaji Mansion NGTrends 1

Genevieve nnaji Mansion NGTrends 2

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  1. Dis can’t be 4$ million house why do u ppl think we r kids here,,check out Rick Ross house worth 5$ million plus even in de state how much more Ghana achimota u ppl need to be straight forward

  2. This house is magnificent. Bravo to her for acquiring such edifice. But the truth remains that this house isn’t up to $1million.

  3. bad belle people Geni love poverty go kill them. let them be there taking panadol – another man’s headage life is not two jare enjoy urself sweet heart i love that

  4. if you no get money you say rice no dey don,go ahead genevieve and enjoy life to the fullest,you have acquired yours those who think it is too expensive should go for theirs

  5. I dont know if african medias they are dumb,illetrate or what? They dont know the difference between a house and a mansion…they are just saying for saying sake….smh

  6. Am so happy 4 u 4 whom de lord will bless de will bless .I wish u good health nd long life 2 enjoy that which de lord ve 4 u in Jesus name amen

  7. my friend,$4m is never a joke for this structure,how could this cost $4m,well she couldhad be robed by the agent else this can never cost as much in ghana here

  8. The house is not upto that amount but congrats my most beautiful and simple actress.happy for you.am in Ghana and if you want to buy such building.i can use the same amount and buy 7 type of same everything for you and you have some more balance for yourself.

  9. Congrat, i am happy for, genevieve, God that do your own ,will do more than that for me, you are my role model and best actress in nollywood

  10. Well how much is it i wanna buy the house .. so how am i going to get they are numbers so that we can talk on the phone

  11. Well i want to know how much it will cost so how am i going to know … well i need they are numbers so that i can really them and ask how much it will cost

  12. This is quite fascinating and pathetic. Some pple are dying out of hunger and thirst even to afford common pure water is a problem and look at how others are throwing money elsewhere!! hmmm, God can never be a fool to bless some pple ok. Let the wise hear. Arrest my case BAMM!!!

  13. if u are thinking theres no house thats worth that much in ghana think again cos thats a chicken change house in ghana. ask about Trassaco valley and the likes in ghana. am sure she cant afford a house there

  14. Na God go bless you ..she fit even buy house of #20 million dem nr get chi chi dem name na Celebrity just to cover the naked poverty wen dey with them …nr dey answer such people like Actress and Actors na my side dem for dey select dier pingers when dem take dey show ,,

  15. Its cool…love d structure…may you live long nd stay happy in d house and let God use your own blessing as a point of contact 2 begin my own in multiple folds..nice one u’ve worked for it so u deserve it

  16. Who told you she has no house in Nigeria…let say she is expanding her tentacle.atleast she is better than those politicians who built theirs far away from Africa coast.bro there is a level you grow upto financially you would even buy more outside Nigeria .

  17. Eiiiiii what are u talking about umar mahmud..Do you want her to be kidnap by those criminal kidnappers in nigeria…Hey my friend all Nigerians will wish to stay in Ghana because nigeria is never safe


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