Home Jokes You Must Laugh (YML): Joke: Akpors Buys A Computer
You Must Laugh (YML): Joke: Akpors Buys A Computer

You Must Laugh (YML): Joke: Akpors Buys A Computer


Akpors decided it was high time he ups his game by getting a personal computer, even though he had no idea how to operate it or what to do with it.

you must laugh YML

After battling with his new computer for about 5hours, he decided to call the computer’s technical support office; the following conversation ensued:

AKPORS: Hello, my internet is not working properly.
TECHNICIAN: Ok, double click on ‘My computer’.

AKPORS: But I can’t see your computer na.
TECHNICIAN: No no, click on the ‘My computer’ icon on your computer.

AKPORS: How can I click on your computer from my computer?
TECHNICIAN: listen, There is an icon labelled ‘My computer’ on your computer Ok, double click on it.

AKPORS: What the he*ll, what is your computer doing on my computer?!
TECHNICIAN: Double click on your computer.

AKPORS: On which icon do I have to click?
TECHNICIAN: The ‘My computer’ icon!

AKPORS: Oh God! What type of problem is this? Tell me where your office is. I will kuku come there and click on “your computer” so you can fix this wahala!!!

(The technician fainted)

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