Home Jokes You Must Laugh (YML): Akpors The Bad Tenant
You Must Laugh (YML): Akpors The Bad Tenant

You Must Laugh (YML): Akpors The Bad Tenant


Akpors had a serious quarrel with his friend Ejiro which soon led into a fight; being that he only knew how to look for trouble but lacked physical strength, Ejiro gave Akpors the beating of his life and left the house to stay with another friend till things cool off. But Akpors did not want to let the matter end like that, he was determined to deal with Ejiro and started thinking of a plan. Luckily for him, their Landlord appeared from nowhere complaining that Ejiro had impregnated his daughter.
Akpors saw this as a way to deal with Ejiro by adding fuel to the matter and advising the landlord to arrest Ejiro. The following conversation ensued:

Akpors: Landlord, you mean Ejiro impregnated your daughter?

Landlord: Yes, this morning I saw my daughter vomiting, when I confirmed she is pregnant, I asked her who impregnated her and she said that Ejiro is responsible.

Akpors: Ehn! Abomination! Landlord, you must arrest and deal with Ejiro.

Landlord: Well, I don’t know, they may be in love and want to get married.

Akpors: Whattttt? No landlord, you have to arrest him because he is a fool who goes about causing trouble. Since I have been sleeping with your daughter I did not impregnate her oh. Even your wife sef, I’m still sleeping with her but have I ever impregnated her?

The landlord fainted!

One word for Akpors this time?

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