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Open Letter to P-Square

Open Letter to P-Square


Open Letter to P-Square


It is  so disheartening to hear of the rumoured split, as much as I don’t want to hear that psquare splits, i will be lying if I say as an adept follower that I have not noticed things to be scared of.

First and most torturing is the silence of peter, it is like playing a radio and forgetting its on mute. The peter we are used to should have said even a sentence.

Secondly, Paul who rarely speaks wrote through his preferred Facebook account (peter prefers Twitter) and denounced the rumours while announcing shows in Durban and st Lucia but both statements disappeared from his wall hours after.

Thirdly, a non psquare fan laughed at me when I announced  the wedding telling me that if psquare gets married they will not last one more year, as a true fan I ignored him but I was shocked when Jude did not attend peters wedding.

fourthly, I was worried when no album was released in 2013, which is a sway from the normal two years gap, also worrying is the fact that only one video was shot the whole year and two singles released.

Well this might be regarded as the crazy thought of a fan but true superfans noticed them.

Psquare it is part of the thrill to know that you two have always argued about songs on your albums amidst other disagreements as twins.

Let it be known also that we don’t love Paul okoye  neither do we love Peter okoye  but WE LOVE PSQUARE, we do not also love Jude okoye but WE LOVE PSQUARE VIDEOS, we did not even know Anita isama or Lola but WE LOVE PSQUARE WIVES.

What is psquare without good dancing? what is psquare without smooth duet vocals? What is psquare without high quality videos? The answer is nothing.

I painstakingly write this with heavy eyes not because i think you guys will see it but for the world to know that I have watched all my psquare videos again and listened to all the albums and singles once more and  I’m yet to convince myself of a world without psquare.

I and other super fans around the world know that you have made money that can last you three a lifetime so you have nothing to loose  but do not forget that there are millions of people out there who love you for no reason but can only judge you with just your voices  and faces they wish to hear and see always together.

We do not believe psquare can split, but please if you selfishly do without considering us then do not even attempt solo careers.

We will never buy a MR. P album or a RUDEBOY album we are only waiting for the sixth album of our most consistent and ever ascending  intercontinental superstars PSQUARE.
Thank you.

Ifenkwe C.G
[email protected]
For; SUPERFANS worldwide.

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. It’s really disheartening bro, i pray dey realise dat dey ‘re a family not recordin partners and reconsider dia sophomoric idea of splitting up. . . Aaahh! It hurts


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