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Luxurious Lifestyle of Comedians

Luxurious Lifestyle of Comedians


Luxurious Lifestyle of Comedians


Some Nigerian comedians who started as nobody and who were fighting to survive have become instant millionaires while some multimillionaires, ranking among the richest entertainers in Africa, which is a good achievement to them.

Many of them now drive around town in expensive automobiles and live in big mansions in highbrow areas. With more shows and millions of naira endorsement deals from corporate organisations, some have increased their investment portfolio to include real estate, event planning, art academy, hospitality, and general merchandise; while others derive pleasure in living a flamboyant lifestyle defined by conspicuous spending. Forgetting to train younger talents who they will serve as role models to.

Many of this comedians do not have any investments anywhere but spend their moneys on cars, while the wise one invest and make returns by hosting big shows around the country.

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