Home Entertainment Ice Prince: “I Don’t Think I Am Mentally Ready for Marriage”
Ice Prince: “I Don’t Think I Am Mentally Ready for Marriage”

Ice Prince: “I Don’t Think I Am Mentally Ready for Marriage”


Ice Princegets candid about jumping the broom.

The Nigerian music superstar is currently in London filming the video for his song “Mercy”; Wizkid and Chip will make cameo appearances in the video.

Just before he arrived in London, he had a quick chat withVanguard Newspapersabout life before fame, music and a typical day in his life.

Ice Prince was also asked about his relationship status and when he plans to tie the knot. He confirms that he is in a relationship – whose name he didn’t mention, but he is not quite sure on being a husband just yet.


On why he is still single:I don’t think I am planning to get married now because I am still young, I’m in my youth and moreover, I am just 27 years old. Maybe later in my late thirties I can start planing to get married or not.

On reasons:It’s because I still have a long way to go before thinking of settling down. I can’t say because of what I have, that I am okay to get married, no. I don’t think I am mentally ready for marriage. I think before one could get married, one needs to attain certain level of understanding and awareness. I don’t think I have those qualities just yet.

On if he is in a serious relationship, and the possibility of marrying his baby mama:Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to talk about my girlfriend and about the mother of my baby. She is good and we are not talking about getting married because I’m not ready yet.

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