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Drake & Rihanna: Another Romantic Date — Falling Even More In Love

Drake & Rihanna: Another Romantic Date — Falling Even More In Love



Looks like things between Drake & Rihanna are continuing to go strong! The pair were spotted at restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Calif. as they celebrated friend Melissa Forde’s birthday.
It’s so great to see how in love Rihanna, 26, and Drake, 27, are with each other!

While celebrating friend Melissa Forde‘s birthday in Santa Monica, RiRi, Drake, and a few other friends headed out to restaurant Giorgio Baldi on April 11 and the hot couple looked pretty cozy!

It’s clear that Rihanna and Drake are no longer interested in hiding their romance. Following their last huge appearance at the LA Clippers game on April 9 and all the press that resulted from it, appearing publicly once again just a few days later can only mean that they are showing the world that they are falling even more in love with each other.

Giorgio Baldi is one of Rihanna’s favorite restaurants — she’s been spotted there a number of times, recently on March 20 where she flashed pink undies under a see-through white skirt, and often when she was in round 2 of dating Chris Brown, 24, in the summer of ’13.

Rihanna must be pretty serious about Drake if she’s taking him to her favorite spots around town — imagine the horror of taking somebody you don’t like to somewhere you love and then ruining the memories of all that delicious Italian food! We don’t even want to think about it.

But seriously, it really does look like these two are more in love every day. After all, reports revealed that the couple “have been sharing a space in LA together. It doesn’t really make sense for them to be apart in the same city when they’re trying to make sh-t work and get on that level.”
“This is just temporary — a trial run, if you understand. It’s convenient for them now and they’re trying to taking advantage of that,” the source continued. It seems like their trial run is going well!

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