Home Entertainment Gists Cool FM OAP, Freeze calls on Nigerians to pray against P-Square SPLIT, Advices Lola Okoye
Cool FM OAP, Freeze calls on Nigerians to pray against P-Square SPLIT, Advices Lola Okoye

Cool FM OAP, Freeze calls on Nigerians to pray against P-Square SPLIT, Advices Lola Okoye



cool fm oap, lola okoye

As new facts of an impending break up between the singing duo,P-Square continues to spring up, fans all-over are praying it isn’t true. Some people still believe this is one huge PR stunt while others say Lola is the cause of the tension in the family

Freeze, a close friend of the group has called on all Nigerians to pray for them from 8am today.

Read His Tweets Below:

Well, we don’t have all the facts, but Peter has a right to stand up for his woman. In a recent interview, he gushed about his love for his woman and how she was there for him when he was nothing….He said:

“After we had scaled the hurdle and became friends, I kept preventing her from coming to my house because everyone called her boss.From her wristwatch and everything, I would be like.”CHEI! This person no be my level”
One day, I took ill and I guess she tried to reach me but I wasn’t picking up. She then called brother who told her I was ill. To my horror she then came over to my house. To be honestwith you, I was so ashamed that after she left, I wanted to know who invited her to my house”That person don buy my trouble”.
I remember living in a small room which my brother and I shared.Our bed was a mattress on the floor. The wardrobe had clothes overflowing to the floor and the room was littered with unwashed plates and half drunk pure water nylons. I was lying down as a broken fan did its best to circulate the air and she walked in and said hello.
I felt as if I was dreaming. The picture of five boys sharing a two-room apartment was definitely an eye sore. I didn’t know where to look when she came in.She just tip-toed to where I was and looked at the environment then called her driver and asked him to come into the compound.
“She picked two shirts and asked me where I kept my underwear.I didn’t want her to go there so I told her they were washed and drying outside .She helped me get into her car and took me to her house. I remember sleeping in her arms as we drove through thick traffic. Although I wasn’t really ill by this time, I pretended to be very ill especially as I saw the layout of pounded yam and Egusi with goat meat,
Food over, she gave me some medication and I stayed at her place for three days and kept pretending to be ill because I din’t know how to go back to my house.
Infact it was the first time in my life I was sleeping in a room with an airconditioner”

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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