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Dencia Blasts Media

Dencia Blasts Media


Many controversies has been surrounding the way Nigerian females now bleach has left tongues wagging and It seems last night Nigerian singer Dencia got tired of hearing haters talk about bleaching methods , so she took to her twitter page. In an obvious angry tirade she lambasted people who abuse her for bleaching and media outlet who say that bleaching can increase chances of getting cancer. Tweets below “Dumb mofos wanna talk colorism yet you filter your pictures to be lighter not DARKER.I guess that means u hate urself yea?Shut’Up & watch fo, Mofos quick to associate stuff with Cancer,I guess everyone dying of Cancer used Whitenicious,Hell the Air u breath causes Cancer fo, 1 more Media platform whitenicious with Cancer we will end up n court n u will prove it gave u cancer or I will give u Cancer by force fo”



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