Home News Passenger Dies In Plane That Left Lagos For Atlanta Yesterday

Passenger Dies In Plane That Left Lagos For Atlanta Yesterday


Yesterday the unbelievable happened on board the United Airlines. The plane was scheduled to arrive Atlanta from Nigeria but was unavoidably delayed midway due to the sudden death of a passenger that was on board the craft.

They departed Lagos Nigeria last night at about 11pm to Atlanta USA. But a passenger, a man who was unidentified by my sources on board the flight, was said to have died on board.

Due to the unfortunate incident the plane was diverted for an emergency landing at Dakar where the body was properly wrapped and kept in the toilet of the plane to avoid immediate decomposition or any foul smell for the remaining of the journey.

The United Airlines plane was reported to have finally landed ATL just a few hours ago after a very long delay. my source maintains that details of the cause of death and the identity of the passenger is still unknown and the shocked passengers have all dispersed to their destinations.

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