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Miss World Final Moved to Bali Following Indonesia Protests


Days after an Islamic group staged a protest against the organizers of the 2013 Miss World pageant, demanding that the pageant should not be held in Jakarta as it runs against their culture, the pageant organizers have been forced to move the final of the pageant to Bali – where they said today that it would be ‘impossible’ to stage the finale there, because of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, where world leaders and thousands of officials are expected to attend.

The summit begins at the beginning of October while the pageant is scheduled to take place on September 28.

“I think people can appreciate how complex it would be to move everything to Bali. Just getting the venue and all the accommodation is impossible with APEC here” Nana Putra, executive director of organizer, told AFP.

The Miss World organizers have said they have no plans to cancel this year’s event, vowing to petition Indonesian authorities to move the event back to Java. But also said they would use a back up venue in Indonesia if authorities don’t change their mind.

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