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‘I Never Really Liked Angelo And I Hate Dreads’ – Beverly’s Mom


BBA The Chase Nigeria’s Rep, Beverly Osu was away from home for 91 days but despite the unending controversy, Bev’s mum never stopped loving her daughter and in fact talked down any of her (Bev’s mum) friends who would call to chastise her.

‘She just wanted her daughter to come back home safe, every other thing didn’t matter’, a family friend said.

She was there along with Bev’s friends to welcome Beverly who placed fifth in the competition and no doubt was she glad when she saw her daughter at the airport on Tuesday,August 29, 2013! They hugged and kissed…

Beverly will have a hard time trying to convince her mum about her love for Angelo though as she (Bev’s mum) isn’t a fan of the dreaded South African.

‘She never really like Angelo, not because he was ‘chiking’ Beverly but because of his personality and oh yea, she hates the dreads’, a source close to the family tells us.

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