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ASUU Strike Update: The Strike Is Far From Over – ASUU


ASUU Strike Update: The Strike Is Far From Over – ASUU

Contrary to optimistic reports that it might soon come to an end, the management of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has said that the academic strike, which it embarked on 89 days ago, will continue.

This latest update on the strike, which has crippled academic activities in universities across the country, was given in a statement yesterday by the chairman of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) chapter of the body, Karo Ogbinika.

This is in spite of the intervention by Vice President Namadi Sambo in bringing the lecturers back to the negotiation table.

Dr. Ogbinika reportedly said that ASUU pulled out of negotiations with the Federal Government, which was represented by Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam, last month based on the government’s insincerity and non-commitment.

He said the Presidency intervened, calling for another round of meetings with Vice President Namadi Sambo last week which, according to ASUU, also ended in a stalemate.

The teachers are seeking proper funding of education and the payment of their N87 billion earned allowances.

These are part of the 2009 agreement between the teachers and the government. The government has offered N30 billion for the earned allowances and made available N100billion for projects on the campuses. The lecturers rejected the offer. The strike has been on since July 1.

The union said it was disappointed because it hoped the Presidency’s intervention would dampen the tension the strike had generated; but, rather, the government was re-echoing the same stance by Suswam, which was why ASUU withdrew from the negotiation.

ASUU said: “After the meeting on September 19 with the Vice-President, it is clear that the Federal Government is merely paying lip service to education in Nigeria and deceiving the public on its commitment to its transformation agenda.

“The Nigerian people should not be deceived. How can there be a meaningful transformation when the education sector is neglected and gradually taken over by private entrepreneurs, including government functionaries who are busy building private universities with stolen funds in and outside Nigeria. Can these universities be truly called private?

“ASUU is assuring Nigerians that it will not back out in its struggle to ensure that the government is made to do what is right in the education sector. This is a commitment that all members of the union have vowed to pursue to its logical conclusion.”

The union said it had reported back to its various zones many of which still insisted the strike must continue.”

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  1. Dis strike is bcomin over bearing, d strike isn’t doin we students any good, FG sud pls meet d needs of ASSU since its obvious dere aren’t bakin out of wat I call a desaster in students life, am tired of been home wen my mates are movin 4wad in priv8 schs

  2. It is a national insult that lecturers in all public universities in Nigeria are on strike for almost three months and our government could not provide any solution,in fact,this has shown the extent to which education has be en neglected and relegated by the Nigerian government.

  3. As for me, this Asuu people can device another means of solving their problem. At the end of the day its we student in federal and state universities that suffer all this. Their children (fg and asuu) are abroad studying and they hold us hostage here at home. Afterall, we paid our fees and have right to education …. The so called asuu people too are paid their salaries they are looking for means to also loot money simple. They should freeze their salaries well well and they can go to hell with their strike. see them talking corruption are they asuu not the worst (their sorting and unnecessary bias in scoring successful students) They are teachers and should be reminded that their reward is in heaven or hell not in politics money. Mtchewwwww!!!

  4. Asuu he who fight and run lives to fight another day and where two elephant fight its the grass that suffer..if u really mean that u are fighting for nigerian and not a selfish fight its not your fight alone..resume and mobilize student parent and the society to join this fight

  5. Students should forget about the strike, look forward to what they can do for themselves, work or learn work. Whenever ASUU s satisfied, they will call off THEIR strike

  6. ha I tink its abt tym to get out of ds country or my children will com nd meet me in d university nd they will b lyk”dad hw old wer u wen u got into primary school..20?”

  7. Sincerity comes with purpose, you can’t be sincere and not be purposeful. Until both meet in the hearts of our leaders, we are going nowhere as followers. Nigerian students are not blind, they can see their Ivory Towers crumbling down right before their very eyes all in the name of insensitive and bad leadership in Nigeria.

  8. d president is nt d problem, d nation is d problem. an average nigerian is selfish, greedy, fraudulent and corrupt. salt can do little or ntin if d soup is biter. we need to cook d soup afresh and stop blamin d salt
    i wish dey can hear me bcos i need to let dem no dat even if govt release d whole budget to dem it wont change anytin bcos part of d revolution we need in d education sector is to ensure dat all our lecturers ar sacked bcos dey ar bunch of lazy pple lookin for excuses to cover der incompitence
    dis is simply bcos dis is negeria if nt asuu and fg wil hav regreted all dis delay. but d God of d students wil take vengance on der children one by one.


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