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ASUU Strike Update: Message From ASUU President To Student

ASUU Strike Update: Message From ASUU President To Student


ASUU Strike Update: Message From ASUU President To Student


Message from ASUU President

Dear Comrades, As the struggle to save Nigerian University system is being pursued, I’ll like to salute all our members for their resoluteness in ensuring that the 2009 ASUU/Government Agreement is implemented in accordance with the Roadmap defined by the 2012 MoU. We believe very strongly that the rot and decay in the University System is not only arrestable but also reversible. We believe even more strongly that, the key to turning round the University System lies in the sincere implementation of the

What government has so far been doing is no more than a repeat performance of a one- act-play: all the deceptions, propaganda, lies, mischiefs and such other Shenanigans were tried by previous Governments, including Military Juntas, but our resolve to save the University System and our Country remained unwaivered.

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  1. Better declare your selfishness and arrogance to nigerians. If I were GEJ I will not declined to appoint you as the minister of Education and see if you wold not compromised. Chief of thiefs.

  2. Dear President,
    it has gotten to a stage where we have to say the truth, sincerely, if not all but most of us are tired and sick of this on-going strike, it is bringing in more expenses than our parents can ever think of. we are sick and tired of it. please we beg in the name of God,do something about this strike and let us all forget about all this problem. Another thing that keeps bothering me is, what about those of us that our schools are not residential, what's our benefit or should I say purpose of partaking in this strike? Please do something about this strike before all the blame falls on ASUU.

  3. now I knw dat dis asuu hate students wit passion.imagine d words of d so called asuu president.d same dat claims 2 b fightn 4 students.tell me mr. President re u goin 2 pay my lodge rent if d agreement’s met.my fellow studnts,lets pray 2 God cos dis ppl no send us at all.4 all I knw dis strike’s purely political

  4. MR ASUU president, u claim to be fighting for students, pls we are not fools, u are doing it for ur selfish interest.you are only destroying uni education, even more than the FG.

  5. can the president or whatever his post is, stand up to say that the main they are fighting for is for the benefits of the students, they are just using us as excuse and who told them we can’t cope with what we have on ground, how are we involved in the issue of their allowance. To say the fact, can they explain to us how 125,000 bed spaces can bring improvement to 59 universities in Nigeria.
    All they are doing depicts how selfish they are. I wish could be chanced to stand in front of the president and tell him the right thing to do to this people and as the Yoruba adage haves it that ” Omo ale la n be ti o kin n gbo” (its only a bastard that u will never listen to apologies or plea). its too much of them and I don’t blame them, how many of them can stand up to say their children are in Nigeria not to talk of this our public universities. They are selfish and inconsiderate.

  6. Mr president stop using us as an excus n stop ur political n selfish strike b4 we visit u…U re fighting 4 ur poket not 4 my nigerian student. Pls knw dat if we student decide to fight or riot, ummmm,u ll not remember wia u ll b oooo. Suspend dis strike and continue ur selfish negotiation 4 ur own interest…

  7. Mr Asuu president its obvious that you are been used by the notherns to tanish the rulership of mr president (GEJ) bt it will never work for you. Since u have made up ur mind not to call off the strike which you and ur cohorts has inunciated jst to satisfy you guys selfish interest GOD or AHLA will judge you all. And my question is this, if federal government later implement what ur union wants it to do and finaly the money is not utilised the way its meant to be who is to be held responsible.

  8. My dear president ride on we are solidly behind you. For it is only those that don’t understand the course and need 4 this fight that will blame Asuu but 4 me i know what lecture theatres, 1200 bed space hostel can do or improve the standard and learning environment of a university. We don’t want desperat landlords 2 feed falt n kill us with high rent, nt 2 mention rape, phone and laptop snatching at gunpoint and above all rumour lectures. Lets do it once and for all.

  9. dear mr precy, the truth is dat if i have the oportunity to kidnapp u i will gladly do dat, and am sure so are other jst that dey may not av the braveness to say the in public. Now we the nigerian student are begging for u and ur gov to settle with asuu thank u and God bless u as u put dis into consideration.

  10. mr president…can’t u be considerate for once..pls call off dis god damm strike and let we d student go back 2 skul…dis is unfair…if i were d president i would have sacked u a long tym ago…fagge u are a devil himself….na only God go purnish u,

  11. MR, President i salute u n all member of ur cabinet wit regreat to be a nigeria student, pls anwer asuu let us go back 2

  12. By d grace of God Mr isa fagge,n wl nva liv 2 njoy ur chldren n evn if u r stl alive ur chldren wl nva mk it in ds lyf

  13. Mr president. We know u are fighting for the improvement of our dear nation education. But sir please don darajar annabi mohammed. Da kuma girman allah try and call off dis strike. We are tired. My plan is breaking down please help ur brodas and sister.

  14. This ASUU president is a fool, you think we students are stupid? Why do you think we go to school….commend yourselves and leave students out of your games…shebi now you guys have been sued to court….been running up and down saying a people be sacked, are you the one that employed them….you guys have overstepped your boundries….

  15. i only have a semester to finish from school when this strike came up. Mr president you are making life more frustrating and difficult. i which office will employ someone like me. i suppose to be in school writing my projects and about saying bye to undergraduate. this is corruption because you are denying us of our right which is good education. since 2007 i got admission to study a 5years course. ASUU indefinite strike, strikes me twice.

  16. fage see ur life? U said u’re fightin for nigeria students but now they are cursing u and ur children. Why are u not fightin for us when they are increasing our school fees? Stop deceivin us, its obvious u’re fightin for ur porket

  17. Great Nigeria students I beg of u to take it easy with ur rage, n mind ur words. These men are old enof to be our grandfather n father. tread softly wit ur curses.

  18. Huh! I see no reason why we would be blaming ASUU over this pushy, unless we’re not following there links frequently.

  19. I bliev dat asuu intentions are of good not of evil. Come 2 tink of it, most lectuerers hve 1 or 2 children in d public vasity, bt i don’t tink if mr president or nija senators or even ministers hve children skuling in nija vasity dats y dey no send weda dem call of d strike or not. All d govt officials or asuu officials dat knws d right ting bt fails 2 do it God go punish am wit out mercy!!!.

  20. I bliev dat asuu intentions are of good not of evil. Come 2 tink of it, most lectuerers hve 1 or 2 children in d public vasity, bt i don’t tink if mr president or nija senators or even ministers hve children skuling in nija vasity dats y dey no send weda dem call of d strike or not. All d govt officials or asuu officials dat knws d right ting bt fails 2 do it jst knw dat God is watching us.

  21. U guyz said u a on strike but stil collect salary u don’t earn. If u really 1 2do d strike den stop collectin salary let fg knw u meant it or else cal us bck 2 manage 4rm where we stop

  22. d so called d asuu ve politicize d education sector in my own view. In d history of nigeria education, i think dis will be d most case dt d FG will ever take our education serious by raising d found dt they disbursed. Come to think of it, it non burgetry found 4 God sake which ve shwn dt dey never neglet d education. Wat Asuu are fighting for does nt worth dem going on strike cos it nt salary issue, its an allowance which shws dt Asuu re nt gud nigerians, they re selfish. To say the fact, all d blame shld go to Asuu. Imagin d syllabus dt re being using in our various schs.its still d old syllabus. So ve d so called lecturers ve added to nigeria education system? Imagin d lecturers still taking we student pascal programming,fotran77,fotran90. Meanwhile, those programs ve been discarded since 1990 yet it ve nt been changed in our syllabus. Asuu re selfish in summary. Great Ladokite

  23. Al d entire ASUU executives, Mr President jonathan. I urge u to please to come together as one. We are seriously tired of this strike,we are tired of staying at home. Pls come together and give us good response. U ar wasting our knowledge. Gr8 ladokites.

  24. I am a final year student but I like this strike.I had been thinking of it even when it had not been in place.We are tired of standing and receiving lectures.I want it even 2 years.The FGN must implement 2009 agreement.I even wonder at those that have been fooled by the Govt,thinking Asuu is wrong.Sorry for those who think Asuu is selfish.

  25. As far as I’m concerned, this country is a mess. Come to think of dis stampede against the nigerian students, it has. Bcome obvious dat both ASUU and the so called federal govt do not want the younger nigerians to see the light of the day. Hw can a nation whose president is an academician knows little about what we are passing tru. A country dat runs no free education or low cost education 4 her citizens yet cud not allow our parents to aid us with dis low nigerian quality education. I weep for mr president and those who are deceiving him. I weep 4 de posterity of dis nation cos mr president and federal govt prefers to settle disputes in PDP than asking their teeming undergraduate to go bck to class rooms shame to our present govt. We shall hear u again in ur deceit in 2014

  26. Asuu claims they are fighting for the nigerian students whereas it’s their pocket they are fighting for. After everytin u’ll discover that no visible change was made in the educational sector except an increase in their salaries. Please stop deceiving yourselvesm

  27. so many talk b4 they think, we all are product of this bad educational system, even after graduating you come as inferior to lesser African varsity, yet you complain abt assu while this monsters sit there and destroy our future. no be going to varsity matter na to know watin you go do there so stop talking nonsense

  28. so many talk b4 they think, we all are product of this bad educational system, even after graduating you come as inferior to lesser African varsity, yet you complain abt assu while this monsters sit there and destroy our future. no be going to varsity matter na to know watin you go do there so stop talking nonsense

  29. there are no such things as limits to growth,because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence,imagination,wonder and on how lifes on daily basis are pursue.Asuu, we have seen very much your effort to improve nigerin universities to its standard but this has to an extend we can’t even bear it anymore.actually FG made an agreement with you since 2009 and if we want to insisit that there most implement its becoming an impediment to student who are, may be sponring themself to change the image of their family to God.so as we think and insist everyday that Asuu most implement their agreement we should equally notice that not just individual but the Nigerian youth image and feature are equally temper with.i beg for ending of the industrial strike by Asuu.

  30. I crushed into de history of ASUU strike recently on fb, i ws astonished! Strike 2diz group of ppl hz bcom a lng stndin, age lng tradition, frm 1970s to date! Almost evry yr! Doz it mean dia requests ar usually nt granted all diz yrs? Can de state wat gud diz strikes hz done 2d overall image of diz country’s educational system? If nt 4dia pause n play system, Nigeria univ. wudn’t av bin rated diz badly. Itz all abt economic tussle, i knw. Lecturers want 2earn higher dan de xecutives, i use 2say, if politics z mor lucrative n less risky dan academics, dwn ur paper n pen, leav de classroom 4doz wth de passion 4it n contest councillorshp election, if u come out of it alive, u’ll knw watz up!
    ASUU capitaliz on Nigerians irrational viewpoint. wen we hear ASUU vrs FG, we get sentimental n quick 2blame de superior, FG. ASUU ar worst dan criminals, de hold de minister of education @ransome wth dia ammunitn (pen n paper) n praise singers (Nigerians) 2sign a mind blowin sum of money into agreement. Tryin 2save his face, he’ll sign it afta whch de agreement bcom unimplementable as it is nw. Nigeria is lik a house whos roof n wall ar callapsin, u can fix de roof n leav de wall neither can u fix de wall n leav de roof! Am aware, GEJ didnt create diz prblms, ryt nw hes takin all of it wholistically! Support Him

  31. grt Niger students, i beliv there ar symtoms of som human element who ar frustratin d entire system either at d side of ASUU/FG bt d implication on them is that dis elements com few yrs to come wil b dealt with. YORUBA adage said, Ti Owo eni oo ba te eku ida, aki bere iku to pa baba eni. U all ar in trouble cos U obstructed my program @ 1st degree nd Nw @ 2nd. My generation wil treat ur fock up. Fagge think reasonably if trully U ar for d students. Nd FG d mechanism to reform dis country we wil innitate it bt som pple wil go for it.

  32. Mr, president is fool headed human being who does not have the ordinary masses in mind but focused in 2015 election which is going to be bloody in Jesus name and he will die and go away. The ongoing strike by asuu has made me useless at home because have nothing doing, am suppose to be in 300 level now but because of the incessant strike by asuu. my school Ekiti state university is not worth being a state talkless of building uni in the state, theyb go on strike every now and then.

  33. This is 4 the ASUU. I want to tell u that we are all Nigerians, if FG has nt implement all ur requirement at leat they have implement some, as a petrotic citizen of Nigeria that will nt want ur country to back slide pls accept the little then call of the strike and give the FG sometime and if they did nt comply u go back on strike. So that student and parent wil nt say ASUU is figthng this figth 4 there selfish interest and others wil nt say they are fighting there country by there self. U and i knw that if we have money we cn help the FG to design the need and the want of our country. Jst consider the student which are the leaders. I knw wit Gods time FG wil comply. I want to ask ASUU a question. Whould u like to join FG to fall our country at dis time?

  34. u all knws hw to solve dis issue. s jux d issue of yes av it n go bk to class nt fooling around wit d tot u guys r doing d rite………….. if a student dside to go after u guys relations u will dclair im wanted…… well i dont av much to say cos ur children r skulling abroad so u dnt care

  35. Mr President ASUU, inasmuch as u guys are trying to fix our universities to the world standard, u should have in mind the detriment u are causing to the students especially when u guys embark on ur so called strike at the door of exams to many schools. Nobody is against the fact that our universities should attain the world level, but u shouldn’t do it in a way it will so much affect students studies and examinations aswell…..u should atleast allowed the Academic year to culminate so that the students won’t feel it much, especially the final year students who are preparing for their degree exams……some school had one-week to their exams while some had 2-weeks, 3-weeks or even 1-month b4 the strike set in.
    When u think u are helping matters, think twice so that u don’t scathe the whole thing.


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