Home Interviews Annie Idibia’s candid Inspiration Fm interview
Annie Idibia’s candid Inspiration Fm interview

Annie Idibia’s candid Inspiration Fm interview

Annie Idibia said during an appearance at Inspiration FM and she opened up on some issues..like not being on Facebook(all facebook pages are fake)
On insulting her daughter on Social Media
“I will rather have anyone insult me and my husband than insult my daughter,I won’t let people insult my daughter..
On Dubai wedding
Dubai wedding was 2face’s idea not mine. I wanted a very quiet wedding in Abuja but 2face wanted a dream wedding in Dubai.
Girls in the mood controversy: 
“That photo of me on the movie cover with a towel and panties, was photo-shopped, that girl wasn’t me, my face was used on someone else’s body. I wanted to sue the movie producer but my husband said I should ignore it.”
Her takes on blogs
“they are annoying but I will never say any word against them…they love making news out of nothing, so most times I ignore the stories”
On her controversial wedding gift
“We received just one car from the Governor not two, it’s just one”
On her relationship with 2face Idibia’s baby mamas and sons 

“I love them. When you love someone, you get to love or fall in love with what they love too so I love those boys, they are just as sweet as my Isabella and I have agood relationship with their mums too


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