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5 Ways To Tell Your Man Is Lying

5 Ways To Tell Your Man Is Lying


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Lies Lies Lies! We all hate them, even though everyone does tell a little white lie now and then, but we hate the big big lies and the lies that will do us quite a bit of hurt.

For many though, the skill or know-how of catching a liar is not in the skill-set and many of us women end of being gullible and played out of our damn minds.

So here’s 5 ways to know that your man is lying:

1. Your Gut Feeling

Trust it. 85% of the time you’re right. If your gut tells you that he’s lying then chances are he is definitely lying. That little voice in the back of your mind rarely leads you astray. You might not be able to tell exactly what the truth is, but you will know that something is wrong somewhere.

2. Details Are Sketchy or He Avoids Details

The details just don’t add up. If he went somewhere he wont give too much details of what happened, or something just doesn’t add up. Most times when a liar tells a lie they mess up the details, and if he knows he’ll mess up the details then he’ll just avoid giving out too much details in general. This is very suspect.

3. He’s Covering All His Tracks

Suddenly the text messages, emails, and browser history are deleted or part of it deleted. This happens more than a few times and it seems very random. Yea he’s not trying to clear up space he’s just trying to cover tracks and delete all evidence.

Also if he carries two cell phones, but one of them never rings, heads to the shower right after coming home, or is missing and unreachable during certain periods then something is up. Not saying it’s always the case but sometimes it is.

4. He’s Very Defensive

Nothing gives away a liar more than being very defensive even if it’s something so small like the question “did you go anywhere after work?” Or he pauses quite a bit to answer a question or repeats the questions numerous times to buy sometime to make up a lie, that’s a red flag.

Being fidgety and not looking at one in the eye are also big signs.

5. Too Much Eye Contact

Yea it’s weird but when your man is giving you too much eye contact it could be that he’s overcompensating for the fact that liars don’t keep eye contact when lying. It’s kinda a way to be one up on you trying to catch him lying.

Anyways, that’s all folks. It’s pretty short and straight to the point but remember these points and you’ll do well in catching your man lying, and if you’d rather not know, then that’s fine too. I know I fall into that category sometimes.

Peace out.


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