Home Entertainment Gists Toyin Adewale Actress Stages 4-In-1 Party
Toyin Adewale Actress Stages 4-In-1 Party

Toyin Adewale Actress Stages 4-In-1 Party

Toyin Adewale Actress
The scandal free Toyin Adewale Actress is a brand in the Nigeria movie industry. She has been able to take her acting career to the climax.
Her fame, fortune and success achieved in her chosen career gives birth to the proposed owanbe celebrations. Toyin Adewale who started her acting career in 1998 and featured in her first film titled Irepodun has staged a multi- dimensional parties to which comprises her 25yrs on stage, 20yrs in marriage, her son’s 20th birthday and the branding of her TV programme, Ninu Ile Wa.
On what has been her strength, the flawless actress says that God has been her sustaining power. “It has not been easy but still, it is the grace of God. I will say big thank you to my mother because she has always been there for me. There were many times that I almost back out of my marriage but she would always say there was no going back for me and that kept the marriage till now”.
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