Home Interviews Interview: Comedian I go Dye Speaks On His N40 Million Rolls Royce
Interview: Comedian I go Dye Speaks On His N40 Million Rolls Royce

Interview: Comedian I go Dye Speaks On His N40 Million Rolls Royce


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Comedian I go dye speaks on his N40,million Rolls Royce the interview itself  is worth paying for cos its funny AF.

read the excerpts below,

What is the stage of your second benin mansion? 

Well, we still dey struggle o! you know say cement neva cheap. we started the project in march and we are still marching on.

How do you reckon spending on the wondrous mansion? 

I had a budget cost when i started, but you know in property business, there is always fluctuations. some developers will evaluate between N400-N500 million, while others still get it done with N100 million depending on the finishing.For such a project, i don’t think i will spend up to that since i’m practically involved in the construction and supervision. you know i dey mix cement for there. me, Warri boy? they can’t cheat me for my future!

You will soon be cruising town with a Rolls Royce Phantom…. 

The truth about the rolls royce phantom is that i had a big production project. A documentary of I go dye,pain to gain(glory). So , it’s part of the luxury cars we are using for the production. and this is just a moment to say thank you to Scott tommy and the honourable speaker of Delta state house of assembly for their support on this project. the project is a documentary to inspire youths.

So, did you order the Rolls Royce phantom? 

Yes! Just to compliment the beauty of what i am feeling now Everything is acheivable yet questionable to the low in faith.It’s somehow illusionary but to my kind we are free to dream big. and big dreams come true. yes! i ordered for a rolls royce phantom.

how much is it and when is it arriving? 

N30 million, as they said. Of course, you know N30 million can’t purchase it. but, besides i have many other projects to splash that kind of money on, i can’t forget in a hurry how i was evicted by my landlord beacause of house rent and also how your former editor, sir Azuh Arinze gave me his suit to wear and perform at Encomium amen awards of 2000.

Other than show what other businesses are you involved in?

I am into property and road construction. I run Revamp company, we solicit for contracts.That’s what i do off stage.

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