Home Movies Nollywood I Have Conquered Depression. I Have Won The Battle And So You Can!—-Tonto Dikeh
I Have Conquered Depression. I Have Won The Battle And So You Can!—-Tonto Dikeh

I Have Conquered Depression. I Have Won The Battle And So You Can!—-Tonto Dikeh


I also hear the actress tried to commit suicide sometime ago……see what she posted on her Instagram page And her Tweets Whatever the situation was at that particular point in time..thank God she did not see it through. Hey peeps, I want to take a minute to talk about depression… 1 out of 3 people will face severe depression at one time or the other in life…

For some people, life gets too unbearable and they are ready to trade it all for death, because they see death as an end to all the stress For others, they re-think and find something in life that can take away the emotional pain; they try to stay positive despite it all… I got a private message from a fan talking about killing himself, I wanted to help him so I decided to share my own issues too…

We are all vulnerable in many ways. People do not keep to their business/love promises and it can drive us nuts… But I believe that with all its broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. We can find happiness if we keep pushing on…

Nobody will hand a bag-of-happiness over to you. Not many people care about you, but if you care about yourself it will be alright! Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am beautiful, I deserve to be alive!”

I have my own battles and I have found myself on the edge. But when I get there, I remember all that has worked for me and I stay happy! I can’t even begin to count my blessings, so I know nothing should make me give it all up- NOTHING! Life is precious! So whenever you feel the need to give up, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “you can
fight this and win!”

The greatest battle in life is loving yourself. If you can love yourself, you have won half the battles in life…

So whoever you are trying to end your life. Stop for one second and take a deep breath. There is hope only for the living! Never give up on yourself. And don’t push yourself too hard.

I am well and alive. And I have conquered depression. I have won the battle and so can you! Celebrate who you are, and enjoy your own successes no matter how small they seem. Yay!!!


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