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Female Celebrities Now Celebrate Divorce As A Thing Of Pride

Female Celebrities Now Celebrate Divorce As A Thing Of Pride


The continued crave of some entertainers, especially in the Nigerian movie industry to part ways after months or years of marriage is becoming an issue not only to their families but to many of their ardent fans. The recent trend of broken marriages of Nigerian actresses has becoming a natural phenomenon and a recurring decimal which if not checked could mislead many young ladies.

Here are celebs whose marriages have not turned out to be as rosy as expected:

In the beginning, they hoped to achieve it big in the entertainment industry promising God and their families that things would go well when their dreams and aspirations come true.

But on the contrary, the industry changed them unlike their counterparts like Omotola Jalade who has been married for more than a decade now and is waxing stronger and stronger in her marriage.

But the issue now is… what are the factors responsible for these break-ups? Why are the ladies the ones involved in this development?

While some say it is a way of being free from any man’s command as a husband, others believe that it’s due to lust for numerous men and not wanting be under the control of a man who would never want them to star in any obscene role or what not that is prompting their wanting to be free.

For Monalisa Chinda, it was alleged that the reason for her marriage breakup with her ex-hubby, Dejo Richards, was money.

According to reports, the actress, who had particularly been the bread winner of the household, could not handle the heat of her wealth, part of which comes as Globacom ambassador and decided to let loose what she has been holding together over the years. Her marriage produced one beautiful daughter.

Also Clarion Chukwura is one actress who has been married twice but is now single. She has laid the blame for her failed marriages as the price she has to pay as an artiste.

While Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu’s case was that of infidelity, she stated that she wanted her marriage with Charles Ekwu to last. But the ex-hubby had other plans as he depended on the actress for his own welfare and that of the family until he was caught red handed making love to their 13-year-old house girl.

As for Jennifer Eliogu and husband, the marriage crashed months after she delivered her second son where she lost her husband to a Swiss woman and their apartment at Lekki.

But for Fred Amata and Agatha, their case has always served as a case study of Nollywood couple whose marriage hit the rocks as a result of infidelity.

Disappointedly, Ngozi Ezeonu was reported to have packed out of her matrimonial home many years ago on account of her husband’s alleged infidelity as he dumped her for another woman whom he got pregnant.

Then came Shan George who was believed to have first gotten married as a teenager but left the marriage after giving birth to two boys and later walked down the aisle with a US-based guy, Tony Nwaosisi, but found out that the man was married to another woman who had given him children at the time of his marriage to Shan, so she decided to quit the marriage for good.

Chika Ike

The Nollywood actress finally achieved her divorce from her estranged husband but she may run the risk of being blacklisted by fans as loads of criticisms keep rocking her boat since she publicly announced that she’s officially divorced.

While some said scenes from many of her movies might be responsible for her wanting to be single, others said it’s a move to get sympathy from fans. The actress took to social network, Facebook, on July 29, 2013, to announce to her teeming fans that the court had finally granted her a divorce.

“Hi fans. Thank you all for your love and support over the years. It’s been an emotional journey and I want to announce to you guys that the court has granted me a divorce. I’m now officially divorced. Thanks,” she posted.

But in swift disgust, her fans seem not to be okay with the news as lashes of words started pouring in. While just few congratulated her and urged her to move on with her life, many didn’t find the news funny, criticising her of going public with her divorce as if it was a good development.

According to Tracy, he frowned at her not being able to show a difference from other celebrities who couldn’t hold their marriages. He urged her to take her time to think instead of happily declaring that she has divorced.

Prince Charming said: “What an announcement! Just more like a thanksgiving. Well, who knows, maybe it’s better this way for her.”

Another fan by the name Flavia called Chika a “stupid woman” for being happy that she’s again a single woman when many ladies are out in search of men to call their own.

According to another fan, he said the actress is lucky her ex-husband, Tony, has been quiet about it unlike Funke Kindele’s ex-husband who gave the actress a public disgrace. He advised her to move on with her life instead of washing her dirty linen in the public.

“Chika we have heard you o! You are going around announcing your divorce as if it is a good thing. You are lucky that Tony is a good man and he is highly literate that he hid your secret. You know what you did now. Thank God you do not have an agbero husband like Funke Akindele’s husband who disgraced her in public. Take a chill pill and stop bringing his name into the news. The guy has moved on, so move on with your life. Very soon you’ll say you need your privacy. Learn to keep some things within the family,” He said.

Funke Akindele:

For this sultry actress who has been in the movie industry since her teenage years, the news of her divorce was disheartening not only to family members but to her fans. In a statement she released confirming the divorce according to nigerianfilms.com, it read: “On behalf of our client, star actress, Funke Akindele, we want to formally inform you that after due consultation and consideration, she’s now separated from Mr Kehinde Oloyede as his wife. She hereby urges her fans and all concerned to pray and wish her the best as she moves on in her career. Kindly note that this is the first and only official statement from Funke Akindele on this matter and she will be glad if her wish be respected. Thank you.”

So will this be the end for the actress or would she continue searching for the right man?

Ini Edo:

The media hype and jamboree of Ini Edo’s marriage was awesome when she got married to her Europe-based husband. In an interview with the actress, she stated the distance between them was not a problem as they knew how to sort themselves. But little did they know that things were not right as the news broke of their divorce.
According to an online source, Ini Edo was not happy and the reason was that it was alleged th

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