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Fashion: Cool Collections showcased by Blake Shenbote

Fashion: Cool Collections showcased by Blake Shenbote

Give us some basic information about you:- My name is Blake Shenbote.I Studied Criminology and Political Science at the University of Manitoba in Canada. Currently working at a telecomms company in Canada. I love to travel, see different cultures and experience new environments and their way of life. I love to read and write poetry in my leisure time.

What do you love about Fashion:- Fashion….I don’t know but I like everything about fashion, because fashion to me is generic and can be bought. It is open to anyone that can afford it. What I care about is “STLYE”. Personal style is idiosyncratic and cannot be bought, its almost intrinsic if you may. The individuality that comes with personal style cannot be matched and it surpasses fashion in a colossal degree. I hope this makes sense.

                           Who is your fashion icon?:-  I don’t really have any fashion icons that I look up to per se, but I admire androgynous looks so for that I’ll go with,Grace Jones and Janella Monae. These days, Solange has been killing it on the scene, so she catches my attention too, Rihanna as well. But a long standing favorite of mine has always been Victoria Beckham, she has some statement pieces.

What can you not be caught doing?:- I will not be caught shopping in a male store. For obvious reasons, people always assume I shop men’s wear, but I do not. I simply just style female clothes in an androgynous way, but I don’t shop at the men’s section and probably never will.
Most Embarrassing fashion moment:-. Embarrassing moment.. I can’t think of one at the moment. Maybe i’ll have an answer for you in the nearest future, but for now I have none. lol
What do you do for fun? :- I party hard for fun, I am what you call a functional party addict. I can party all weekend and will still be able to go to work and be productive. I also love basketball and soccer. I love to watch them and also play them as well. I love to swim as well, and I am also a bit of a fitness addict. I read a lot of books, Sidney Sheldon is my favorite author.
Describe yourself in few words:-Down-to-earth, Gregarious, Diplomatic, Opinionated, Free-spirited, Kind-hearted and fun-loving.
What is that fashion item you cannot :. I can’t do without my sunglasses. Indoors or outdoors, I wear them! Some people might consider that a fashion faux-pas, but I can’t do without them. Besides, Anna Wintour wears them indoors too, so i guess it can’t be much of a faux-pas after all. *shrugs*
Can you spend your last money to look good:- No, I will not spend my last penny to look good. However, I will reshuffle my previously worn clothes and style them in a way you’ll never notice ever seeing me in them. I keep my priorities straight and spending my last penny to look good isn’t one of them.
Whats your view about TRB:–   Your blog is quite interesting and I love how it showcases both male and females. In other words, its not gender-specific and I love the fluidity and versatility in the features. Keep up the good work.
I love Blake Shenbote’s style. Do you think she is a fashionister????
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I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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