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Fans lash out at Chika Ike over divorce announcement

Fans lash out at Chika Ike over divorce announcement


Nollywood actress, Chika Ike may run the risk of being blacklisted by fans as loads of criticism keep rocking her boat since she publicly announced that she’s now officially divorced.

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Probably in a move to get sympathy from fans, the actress took to social network Facebook in the wee hours of Monday, July 29, 2013, to announce to her teeming fans that the court has finally granted her a divorce.

“Hi fans. Thank you all for your love and support over the years. It’s been an emotional journey and I want to announce to you guys that the court has granted me a divorce. I’m now officially divorced. Thanks,” she posted.

But her fans seem not to be okay with the news as lashes of words soon started pouring in. While just few congratulated her and urged her to move on with her life, many didn’t find the news funny, criticizing her of going public with her divorce as if it were a good development.

Prince Charming said “What an announcement! Just more like a thanksgiving. Well, who knows, maybe it’s better this way for her.”

Another fan by the name Flavia called Chika a “stupid woman” for being happy that she’s again a single woman when many ladies are out in search of men to call their own.

Choosing to go by the name Anonymous, another said the actress is lucky her ex-husband, Tony has been quiet about it unlike Funke Kindele’s ex-husband who gave the actress a public disgrace. He advised her to move on with her life instead of washing her dirty underwear in public.

“Chika we have heard you o! You are going around announcing your divorce as if it is a good thing.

You are lucky that Tony is a good man and he is highly literate! So he hid your secret ! You know what you did now!

Thank God you do not have an Agbero husband like Funke Akindele’s husband that disgraced her in public. Take a chill pill and stop bringing his name into the news. The guy has moved on,so move on with your life. Very soon you’ll say you need your privacy. Learn to keep some things within the family.”


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