Home Events The GREATEST Nigerian Corner 2013 At The Notting Hill Carnival London | PHOTOS
The GREATEST Nigerian Corner 2013 At The Notting Hill Carnival London | PHOTOS

The GREATEST Nigerian Corner 2013 At The Notting Hill Carnival London | PHOTOS


Nigerian Corner delivers number one Notting Hill Carnival experience once again


Once again Nigerian Corner 2013 proved itself to be, the place to be, at Notting Hill Carnival.

It was packed with explosive performances and fans sobbing once they heard of what they were missing.

There was plenty to eat and drink as Gbenga Adeyinka 1st  kept the crowd hype and the Nigerian Corner initially began to fill up. Stars like Teju Babyface, Dir Sid, Dayo d1 adeneye, Sunday Are, Naeto C,  Ayo Shonaiya, Alariwo of Africa and OK Nigeria Owner, Alexander Amosu.

The D3 dancers gave an energetic performance that had the crowd wanting to get on stage and showcase their moves too. Dizzy who is still hot off an exciting performance at JuliusAgwu’s Crack Ya Ribs gave the crowd another dose of what he is capable of. Honey B, Daughter of Fuji music crooner, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal KWAM 1 who is also still smoking hot off of her performance at Crack ya Ribs and showed the crowd why she is making waves and why they should watch out for her.

Moelogo graced the stage to show people why he’s the next big artist to watch out for with his sensational voice and banging beats.

The crowd was smiling and dancing all day long. If you missed it you missed out because Nigerian Corner provided the music, the food and the vibes and proved once again that if you come to carnival and didn’t stop at Nigerian Corner, you didn’t come to carnival at all. Tipsy and her dancer gave a sexy performance that left the audience with their jaws hitting the ground.

Lace and Nikki Laoye gave the crowd smooth vocals that left the crowd wanting more and Tillaman also gave an unmissable performance that had people applauding his showmanship.

Written by Mariam Ajibola | Images by Michael Tubes

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