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Couple Commits Suicide Together By Jumping In Front Of Train

Couple Commits Suicide Together By Jumping In Front Of Train


A troubled New York City couple who friends and family say were under pressure to end their relationship tragically did so by jumping to their deaths together in front of a moving train after leaving a suicide note that was found with their bodies.
A despondent young couple, under pressure to break off their romance, instead chose suicide in front of a speeding LIRR train — leaving behind a multipage note that said they were going to a better place, sources told The Post yesterday.
“Two great people” are going to “paradise,” they wrote in a blue stenographer’s pad that was found on the Hollis, Queens, platform after their death leap Monday night.
“Everything will be good,” the note said.
Davon Smallwood, 25, and Ariana O’Neal, 21 — whose mother disapproved of their relationship — lived in Queens Village with their 2-year-old daughter.
Neighbors and friends claim Ariana’s mother’s apparent disapproval of the relationship reached its’ peak recently when they were both arrested for stealing.
O’Neal recently ran away because her mother demanded she no longer bring Smallwood to the house, police sources said.
The two were arrested earlier this month for allegedly stealing jewelry from a Jamaica, Queens store.
The mom was upset over his recent trouble with the law.”Her mom didn’t want the boyfriend living with all of them,” her landlord, Kinsley Senior, said last night. “She didn’t like him.”
Terri Simmons, who lives directly across from the station, said she had never seen Smallwood before, but often saw O’Neal moping around the area.
She would spend hours sitting on a urine-soaked stairway leading to the railroad platform.

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