Home Entertainment #BBATheChase : ‘I’d Win If It Came Down To Me & Melvin’ –Beverly
#BBATheChase : ‘I’d Win If It Came Down To Me & Melvin’ –Beverly

#BBATheChase : ‘I’d Win If It Came Down To Me & Melvin’ –Beverly


Nigeria’s Beverly revealed to Big Brother during her Diary that she would win the Chase if at all it came down to her and countryman Melvin.

The young model who’s the only Chasemate that never got nominated
for possible Eviction feels that she’s stronger than her compatriot and given any chance, she would come out tops. “I would win if it came down to me and Melvin,” she revealed.

Being up and getting saved is most probably the only way a Housemate
can rate their popularity in the eyes of Africa and since Melvin was up and got saved while Beverly has never been up, one wonders how she came up with this conclusion of being stronger than Melvin.

She’s also one person who strongly believes in her instincts and maybe they are behind this revelation. Meanwhile, after making it to the final week, Beverly fondly said: “It feels great and thank God.”

She also said that she knew that she would make it this far in the game and hopes that she finally wins the grand prize come Sunday.

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