Home News ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: Students give FG, ASUU 7-day ultimatum to end strike
ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: Students give FG, ASUU 7-day ultimatum to end strike

ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: Students give FG, ASUU 7-day ultimatum to end strike


ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: Students give FG, ASUU 7-day ultimatum to end strike-

Peeved by almost two-month old strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), yesterday issued a one-week ultimatum to the Federal Government and the union’s leadership to resolve their differences or face serious consequences.

The students said if the impasse was not resolved within the next seven days, it will mobilise students on a nation-wide riot in what it described as ‘operation occupy Nigeria’.

The students’ body  appealed to ASUU to return to the classroom and continue negotiation with the Federal Government since the latter claimed to have released over N100 billion for infrastructural development and another N30 billion for allowances.

This was the highpoint of a protest by the students who blocked the Asaba end of the River Niger Bridge to press home their demands. The protest caused traffic snarl for several hours as the students stalled movements to the eastern part of the country even as those returning were barred.

NANS coordinator in the South-South and South-East, Comrade Chinonso Obasi, stated that students were at the receiving end of the strike and vowed that they would take their destinies in their own hands if the parties failed to reconcile within a week.

“We are appealing to ASUU that since  the Federal Government has been able to release N100 billion for infrastructural development and N30 billion for allowance, they should go back to classroom and continue their negotiation or agitation. This is our prayer and wish.

“We are giving them one week to open the schools or be ready to face corrosive consequences in form of nation-wide demonstration and riots. We are ready to mobilise for that and it will be operation occupy Nigeria,” he said.

Lamenting the effect of the strike,  Obasi said students have become prone to accidents on the  highways and the female students have been reduced to s*x hawkers on the streets.

His words: “I stand to tell you that a lot of accidents have been recorded and 99.9% of the victims are Nigerian students. If they were in classrooms, they would not have fallen victims of road crashes.

“Our female students have become commercial s*x hawkers on the streets in order to make ends meet. This colossal effect is more than what ASUU is agitating for. Hence, we can no longer fold our arms and watch things go wrong.”


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  1. this is uncalled full asuu is been used by politicians dat is y dey refuse to accept fg offers. they will suffer for this if by 7 days they still insist not to go back to classroom

  2. the federal govt should try and negotiate with dem by paying d agreed amount….asuu are fighting for the nigerian student while d federal govt are fighting for their individual generation…pls nigerian student we are giving d federal govt 7days and not asuu…imagine d amount our president Budgeted for his annual meal #1billion…dats to show we have more dan enough in our national account…to me i think asuu…should fight to d end its for our own good…our university system is very poor compare to other african countries…so since we feel we are d giant of Africa…lets prove dat in our educational sector…

  3. It is quite unfortunate and sad that The Federal Government of Nigeria could allow the ASUU strike to linger this far. This has shown further that the government never meant well for the nation as it never really had any plan of moving the educational system and the nation forward. Recent emerging events portrays the fact that the the Government merely went into the agreement with ASUU in bad faith just to deceive her and send her back to the classrooms to continue recycling the rot that has traversed and engulfed the system. In this regard the Government has just been playing tricks on ASUU thereby toying with education on which the destiny of the nation hinges.

    It is on record that teachers in the Colleges of Education and Polytechnics are earning higher than University lecturers today, because ASUU gave a concession in 2009 to suspend the agreed salary table for a parliative one as a way of showing understanding and commitment to nation building when the government pleaded that the economy was not at its best. But after making all the sacrifices, some people in government like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who would only agreed to come and work for her fatherland on the condition that she would be paid her World Bank Salary, could have the audacity to say that government cannot meet the demand of ASUU. Ngozi should tell the world how much her salary was as a minister. Government could have money to pay her in dollars, at the expense of other ministers and responsibilities of government, but government should not have money when it comes proper funding of education. This open declaration of hatred for the nation should stop to allow Nigeria make some progress.

  4. Dnt let us complain cos d strike dat emerged as at 2009 lasted for 109days..also the recently cald off polytechnic strike lasted for 89days…
    Thus, ASUU tagged it “A HUNDRED DAYS WARNING STRIKE” my people, its nt up to 100 days…Lets b diplomatic here..i rest my case!

  5. Actually what d asuu are fighting for is their right but I heard dat fg has released 30m naira for their allowances. so what are dey waiting for? (asuu). why? they should have mercy upon us bcos they are wasting our time ooo. dis strike has resulted to some negative actions of some students. Most of d gals has now engaged themselves in various types of aristo work. plz we must resume before d stated ultimatum or else both fg and asuu are looking for wahala!!!!

  6. You sound as if there is no problem with the FG, have you forgotten that since 2009 when the agreement was made FG have not mentioned it untill the strike was enbarked on; our grieviances should be on government, there are not ready for this country but I believe ASUU will make them bend

  7. We nigerian students are runing out of patience with ASUU and FG.we in delta state are just waiting 4 NANS permission else.me and my boys are ready 2 block d entrance 2 delta state no coming in no go out an also block all d street so that all of us will b idol.I beg FG and ASUU 2 cooperate please because if nigeran student rebel no body will smile pls.let do dis in the name of One nigeria.THank You

  8. I wonder why we Nigerians cannot do the right thing for once, look at all our sectors just crumbling like walls of Jericho. Ask Asuu, they will say that federal government have the money for rehabilitation and allowance, then run to FG, they will deny. The truth is that our Government does not prioritize education. I urge Asuu to tender judgement with mercy, open our universities and go back to the negotiation table. Please we great Nigerian students are tired of this strike.

  9. D GIANT warnin takn by NANS against ASUU & FG is an apreciable devlopmnt dat’l fast trak deir bone of contention & wil cos studnt resum clases witin d posble tim. Distim, d PROTEST by NANS targed operation ocupy d nation wil 4eva afect d fabriks of d Nigerian society & wil 4eva b incapsulated & recited in history. I dere4 urge ASUU & FG nt 2 toy wit Studnts Futures whil dey snt deir own children Abroad wit d aim of takn ova Public Ofisis bt distim NANS is sayn sry 2 ASUU & FG cos d yennin & aspirations of of d Nigerian Studnts wil av a cause 2stand, God wuneva slep nor slumba wil vendicate d whilms & caprices of wicked leadas. Again I urge studnts 2kepdeir fingas cros, mobliz deirselvs witin deir reach regads 2d forthcomin PROTEST. ABOV ALL, we d citizens & our amiable leadas wil do evrytin posble 2ensure d dividens of democracy com tru dereby shunnin corupt practices & social vices & bcom LAW abidin cos it must tak Nigerians 2 build Nigeria.


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