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Video: Kanye West: ‘Brands Always Fightin’ For Your Soul’

Video: Kanye West: ‘Brands Always Fightin’ For Your Soul’



“Don’t sell your soul to these brands,” says Kanye, former known as the ‘Louis Vuitton Don.’

Just days after Yeezy, sounded off on everything from Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ to President Obama and Taylor Swift in London, he took to the stage in Amsterdam last night to let fans know how he really feels about corporate brands and the companies that sell them. Pointing to Heineken signs around the building, he said:

Do y’all notice anything different to the left and the right, by the bar? Name brands always fightin’ for your soul.

During a 7-minute freestyle, he also rapped:

I just feel like I wanted something better, something fresher. It wasn’t because of the pressure it’s just that I wanted something better or fresher. See a lot of people buy brands because of the pressure, and without the brands they make you feel lesser. Every bus stop there’s a message, get like this.  Pretty girl, black and white photo. Get like this.

Kanye ain’t said nothing but the truth!!! Unfortunately, he forgot to mention artists, such as himself,  that continue to push brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton to the masses for free in their music.

Catch the freestyle below:

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