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Untold Story: 2face & Annie’s Dubai Wedding: Struggle of Life

Untold Story: 2face & Annie’s Dubai Wedding: Struggle of Life

It was billed as the wedding of the year, and so it was no surprise that everybody wanted to be present there. It didn’t matter to some people whether they were invited or not. It was 2Face‘s wedding and they just had to attend.
So, it ended up being a struggle. Here’s the full gist of the Dubai wedding….
Gate Crashers
Quite a number of people gave out their invites to friends who were overjoyed to attend even if they didn’t know Annie and 2face personally. They made it worse by coming with other friends who were equally not invited.
2Face & Annie’s Love Boat

After having a huge turnout of guests, things got even more interesting as it became the survival of the fittest to get on the ferry that conveyed everyone to the venue of the reception which was ‘The Royal Beach Island’.
It wasn’t easy even for 2face and Annie to get onto their own love boat. 2face who hardly ever gets angry complained bitterly about it to those already on board. “Ol’boy, Na wao, to enter my own boat na wahala, our own boat o”.

Security Guards force their way on board.
The workers on the boat kept shouting “Move back, you will die”; scared that people might fall inside the water as they tried to force their way in. Twice Senator Florence Ita Giwa tried to get in but she was pushed back. The organizers begged her for patience as they tried to get her on board but it didn’t work.  There was nothing like VIP entry into the boat.

She later went home. After all, she lives like a queen in her beautiful house in Dubai. Wunmi Obe also could not attend the Beach Island reception as she could not get into the boat.

Clueless Organizers

They may have successfully organized big weddings but 2face and Annie Idibia’s wedding organizers should have known that this particular wedding would be a different kettle of fish altogether. A handful of fans came from different parts of the world believing they would get in and they did.

One member of the organising team, Naomi Adenuga was very rude to guests. “I don’t care if you are a dignitary or celebrity, get off the boat”, she shouted; insisting on the black card which was distributed at the venue to their own friends and people as the new authentic invite to the boat; ignoring many invited guests that flew in with their own money.


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