Home News Exclusive: Oga At The Top: Wife Did’nt Protest At Channels TV
Exclusive: Oga At The Top: Wife Did’nt Protest At Channels TV

Exclusive: Oga At The Top: Wife Did’nt Protest At Channels TV


my oga at the top

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No woman or wife came to Channels Tv as reported by News Blogs in respect of the trending ‘Oga on top’ debacle. Fake journalists around, careful what you believe…tell the news and never be the news. As the Producer I take full responsibility. It’s on employment racketeering so we must have a genuine website to stop further exploitation

Yeah, when I saw that junk yesterday, I was like “this sh1t aint real?…why would the woman wanna even go all the way to embarass herself even more when the trend was already dying naturally?”

Peoples’ opinion:

deeflamez: Anyways, in my own opinion, Channels TV did the right thing, the man in charge of the NSCDC was invited to shed more light on the issue of job racketeering going on in his commission via fake websites etal, isn’t that enough reason for him to atleast know the original website & divulge it to the general public so we can beware of the fakes? Instead he decided to be negligent & play around the question. How are we sure he’s not the one behind the fake websites scamming people? His actions are sanctionable & he deserves to be fired to give room for another & more competent official to get the job done


akinwaleok: dont blame *oga at d top* cus nscdc is a corrupt organizatn. Imagine an officer in d rank of inspector was promoted to commandant,what do you expect from him

dopeJemi: Dis shiiit Has got 2 stop and it has got 2 stop Nau, d man knew wah He was saying and I understand wah he was trynna say and I don’t think its funny..

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I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)



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